Europe Stocks Climb Higher after US Congress Approve Bill to Increase Debt Ceiling

Stocks in Europe and Asia have risen in response to the debt ceiling increase approved by lawmakers in the US. Stocks in Europe opened higher today after the US Senate approved a bill to suspend the government’s debt ceiling. Following a 63-36 vote, US lawmakers agreed to raise the debt ceiling to prevent the country’s first-ever debt … Read more

Weekly Jobless Claims Climb to 198,000 as Employers Remain Reluctant to Downsize

The latest jobless claims indicate that the US labor market is tight amid rising interest rates as applications rose by 7,000. According to the Labor Department, US weekly jobless claims have climbed to 198,000, representing an increase of 7,000. Although the new figure is slightly higher than the 195,000 expected, it is still generally low in a tight … Read more

Treasury Yields Climb amid Latest Investor Interest Rate Outlook Assessment

The 2-year and 10-year Treasury yields rose Tuesday as investors pondered the next Fed interest rate hikes.  Treasury yields recently climbed amid investor interest rate assessment ahead of pivotal inflation data. On Tuesday, investors and analysts weighed the outlook for Federal Reserve interest rate hikes following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. By 5 am Eastern Time, the 10-year … Read more