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TENS Pain Relief

Electronic pain relief, provided by a TENs unit is a fairly recent, useful and natural way of controlling pain. TENS is actually an acronym for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit, a non-medicinal pain relief. It is surely small but terribly effective because it’s just pocket-sized but powerful enough to send friendly electrical signals to ease any pain that you are feeling. It can be carried anywhere you go because it is so small and it can work conveniently with the use of batteries. A new model of TENS is now even better to provide faster treatment relief to every user.

This is how TENS works.

A TENS unit sends electrical signals through the wires connected into it. Of course, you have to make sure that it is properly plugged in place or else you might not get enough electrical signals to eliminate the pain. What makes it very handy is that you can attach it to any part such as belt or pocket wherever you go. It’s like carrying your beeper and mobile phone always on the run. But, it should be well remembered that the results one can get with TENS are not assured to work for a continuously long time. Maybe it would stay for several hours but not long enough to give someone chronic pain management. For some, they are only using TENS to benefit from the reduction of the kind of pain that usually require medications.

A unit of TENS consists of its body, battery, plug and a wire. There are actually several kinds but most of them send off a very light amount of electric current. This would likely create a feeling that you’ve been healed naturally. Once the unit is turned on, it would then send small doses of electric current into the skin and tissues underneath. It would thwart the pain from connecting through your brain. This initiates the body’s production of endorphins which are biological pain killers. You can adjust the device to your preference for frequency, intensity levels and the like, preferably with the help of an expert.

Since there are acknowledged safety precautions in using TENS, it is advisable that you purchase one with the guidance of your doctor. The cost may vary according to type but the usual price ranges from $80- $100, a serious amount isn’t it? But luckily, there are TENS machines nowadays that can be rented if you are on a tight budget.

When using TENS pain relief, you should remember that it is not a total cure of whatever sickness you have, it simply gives you the heavenly relief of  experiencing  less pain. It is just there to give you temporary pain treatment of the symptoms of many diseases. Rest assured that TENS works well once methods and restrictions on its usage are followed well.