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Can You Afford Not To See This? Stop Your Next Anxiety Attack!

After practicing as a psychotherapist for 20 years, I thought I had experienced almost everything. I have seen this in my own clients but until it happened to me, you just don’t know! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. On the outside, I tried to be cool but inside, I was freaked out! I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the night. I went to the Emergency Room. After waiting to get in, the nurse and doctor’s diagnosis came in, “anxiety attack”. I came back with, “Really! I feel like like my heart is pounding out of chest and my head is going to pop!” They explained to me this was typical even though my blood pressure was slightly elevated. Even if I was calmed, I wanted it to end, A.S.A.P!

While you are in this condition, a chemical medicine will be adequate although it might not be the preferred option. I took it to break up the pattern. I didn’t know about herbology and at that time, I could not imagine that a traditional Chinese herbs for anxiety would have been just as effective. In this stressed out state, you want fast, potent relief.

All these symptoms, people have found relief, naturally with traditional Chinese herbs for anxiety:


1.    Worry you might have a heart attack

2.    Afraid of everything

3.    Difficulty concentrating, memory  loss

4.    Difficulty thinking and speaking

5.    Disorientation

6.    Fear of going crazy

7.    Fear of losing control

8.    Fear of impending doom

9.    Feelings of unreality

10.  Frequently feel overwhelmed

11.  Having difficulty concentrating


12.  Nightmares, bad dreams

13.  Nightmares, bad dreams

14.  Repetitive thinking or excess ‘mind chatter’

15.  Short-term learning impairment, have a hard time learning new information

16.  Short-term memory impairment, can’t remember what I did a few days, hours, or moments ago

17.  Spaced out feelings, feeling spaced out

18.  “Stuck” thoughts; thoughts, mental images, concepts, songs, or melodies that “stick” in your mind and replay over and over

19.  Trapped in your mind feeling

20.  feel the world on your shoulders frequently 


This is a short list! You could probably list a 100 more. For the last 18 years, I have been dedicated to finding alternative medicine explanations and Chinese herbs for anxiety for the last 18 years that assist people through this transition.

Causation is well established. When enough stress is presented to the physical-mental-emotional body, the above conditions are likely to surface. We all would do well to notice and take action. It is not enough to alleviate the symptoms but taking a break while we search for answers is an advisable strategy. Take care of yourself, rest, exercise, be around caring people until you can master the challenges you are confronted with. Eat food and take natural herbs that don’t add to the imbalance but rather help in re-establishing your center.


There are numerous reasons and its not always psychological. In fact, most psychotherapists benefit their clients by understanding the physical causation. Besides life stresses, physical depletion will release sensations that cause a person to experience helplessness. In Chinese medicine there are two areas of the body that are suspect for depletion:

Heart: the heart can become weakened, or energy deficient.This disorder where energy is not reaching the heart along with its connecting vessels can strain the organ. If the heart does not essential energy then like a car, it stalls, speeds up, slows down, uncontrollably.In this situation, rest and vitality, needs to be re-created in the meridians to the heart. When that happens, the chest area relaxes and wellbeing is at hand. Additionally, when the heart balances then the brain follows.

Kidneys: the kidneys may develop deficiency with less energy provided from the kidneys to the heart. Due to stress, overwork and emotional challenges, the adrenals follow. The kidneys are considered the seat of vitality, essence and foundation for energy. When the essence is interrupted then organs throughout the body suffer and synergistically, the heart pumps less blood. To compensate, the heart can pump harder, grow larger or become erractic due to the stressed depleted state. As above mentioned, rest is essential so kidneys restore and the body recharges.

Free Chinese Medicine! It Is Restricted And Controlled By “Standard” And Chiropractic Medicine! How Can They Control What They Don’t Understand?

Herbal Formulas have been the chief agents of Chinese Medicine for over 4000 years. In its principal theory, the human being and the natural world are considered an indivisible whole. Knowing how to work with Yin Yang, Meridians or channels, differentiation, etc., are considered essential to sustain the balance of the whole body. An herbal practitioner assists the body to unblock the circulation of energy thus supporting a natural healing. The stasis, excess or deficiency of energy will finally make the body vulnerable to “evils” or external invasions. For instance, “evil heat” is very similar to infection. English expression of Medicine when translated in Chinese in the late 16th Century, lacking the knowledge of modern chemistry. The Chinese used the word “Chinese Medicine” and “Chinese Drug” as a way to translate or help the English speaking understand their healing methodology before there was a FDA regulation outlawing the use of Chinese/American medical terminology.

Chinese medicine is still used in most of European countries and recognized as a viable contribution to the health arts and practice. Again, the term was coined to help English and Chinese speaking medical practitioners understand, bridge and assist in the exchange of information. The goal was to never replace one another’s art but to share between methodologies. Precisely, Chinese medicine is not a chemical type of remedy. Herbs are not drugs but food. In fact, if you were to look for nutritional content in herbs and in pharmaceuticals, observation would indicate the obvious, there are nutrients in herbs while American medicine is absent of nutrition which qualifies it as chemical.  

Two thousand years ago, Dr. Hauto, the most respected doctor of Chinese medical history declared that, ” Herb is food, food is medicine”. At that time, the English term of medicine did not exist yet. Language, on occasion, can become the source of problems. This is especially true when you are still learning a foreign language. The current situation is a challenging paradox for American Chinese herbologists who have to live under the standards of traditional American medical doctors while in the U.S.A. While, in China, both conventional medicine from America and traditional medicine from China are esteemed, equally. In the U.S., its OK or legal for Chinese acupuncturists and herbologists to say, “Chinese Medicine heals the body, but herbs are not medicine”. This is difficult to understand when the Chinese practice of medicine has existed 4000+ years as compared to the 200 year practice of American traditional medicine.

Over time, the sharing of both medical practices will yield more trust and exchange. Overall, improvement in the healing arts will rise from this synergy and ultimately the infirmed will benefit as long as truth and the patient’s wellbeing are valued.    

Genetic Modification (GMO) Not Only Effects Our Food Quality But Now Our Herbal Herb Medicine

Although this seems unnecessary, the expression is an endeavor to grasp the real meaning of what herb medicine is all about – uncontaminated natural plant biotics without corruption and reorganization. With all the genetic manipulation by corporate food giants, no current pure botanic material exists, anymore. But, as much as possible, it is to everyone’s benefit that we protect our interests before we reap the unknown consequences of changing the genetic structure of what we put in our bodies. Before it’s too late, we must commit to this quest. Unadulterated herbs and herbal formula extracts do still exist in protected environments. Agricultural scientists are discovering everywhere that hybrid contamination is growing. Scientist have determined that all, so called, 100% organic farms in the U.S. have no less than 2%+ corruption from altered foodstuffs hence disturbing the unique effect of herbal medicine. It is extremely important to source traditional herbs and traditional Chinese herbs from protected pollinated farms, free from genetically modified organism (GMO) seed.

Currently, experiments in India and Japan are being conducted with the emphasis on increasing the medicinal properties of the herbs. The key to herb medicine potency is in wide dispute. The GMO camp believes you can improve specific alkaloids in the overall herb composite. The anti-GMO herb camp holds that when you change the property ratio then you, in effect, change the medicinal value which stems from the original structure. The argument that a specific alkaloid is responsible for the medicinal impact versus the whole or synergistic effect of the herb is an ongoing disagreement that needs to be watched carefully.       

Besides the changes to the original plant structure, GM herbs are philosophically opposed to the premises of natural, alternative medicine. These moral issues warrant respect and watchful consideration prior to admit these foods into the gene pool. Input from the herb medicine & research community needs to be acquired before making these changes. Decisions by large corporate ventures are lacking, by nature, conscience in this regard. Though many execs may intend well, it would be to their benefit to attract unbiased feedback as to whether to choose GM procedures in their development. What are the consequences versus the profit?

Most Master Herbalists, specializing in Chinese Medicine, focus on food as a therapy. Here are some points to consider about the food nutrient (incl. herbal herbs) industry:

  • In the U.S. alone, between 1997 and 1999, gene-modified (GM) ingredients suddenly appeared in 2/3rds of all processed foods.”
  • Be sure to choose organic soy milk. Most soybeans in America are genetically modified. Organic soybeans are not genetically modified.
  • If the proponents of GMO are so wise then why do we still have nutrient depletion in our food products?
  • That carrot has about 57% less magnesium and 16% less calcium in it than the ones our parents ate, a banana 87% less folic acid, and spinach 59% less vitamin C!
  • While there is an increase in vitamin and mineral sales to cover the our food nutrient deficiency, more city/county public works departments are disposing by the multiple truck loads, the residual pellets to dump sites. The only real working source of nutrition comes from food that our body absorbs or supplements based on whole food sources.

Genetically modified foods can have decidedly unhealthy effects. One solid conclusion found that:

  1. More than half of the offspring of rats fed on transgenically modified soya died in the first three weeks of life, six times as many as those born to mothers with normal diets. Six times as many were also severely underweight.
  2. Mothers who incorporate GM products in their diet during pregnancy could unintentionally jeopardize their unborn babies. A report by the corporate GM giant, Monsanto, revealed that rats fed a diet rich in GM corn had smaller kidneys and higher blood cell counts than those that ate a natural strain, suggesting possible damage to their immune systems.


The nutrient value of food has fallen drastically while the price is skyrocketing:

Minerals & Vitamins in mg/100g



Reduced value expressed in %


Folic acid



– 68 %
– 51 %
– 15 %


Folic acid
Vitamin B6



– 39 %
– 13 %
– 15 %
– 61 %





– 71 %
– 33 %





– 16 %
– 57 %


Vitamin C



– 69 %
– 59 %


Vitamin C



– 80 %


Folic acid



– 13 %
– 87 %
– 13 %
– 92 %
– 22%


Vitamin C



– 14 %
– 78 %

        Source: 1996 Geigy Pharmaceuticals, Foodstuffs laboratory, Karlsruhe / Obertal Sanatorium.

Enhancing our immunity systems, metabolic and vascular efficiency with appropriate mineral and vitamin supplement acts preventively and helps us counteract insufficiency. But have you ever seen how emaciated our elderly become when maintained on ENSURE in nursing homes? The short thinking should only be rationalized and acknowledged to what extent?   Reliance on healthy, nutrient rich foods and herbs are the essential foundation for sustaining life.

The bottom-line is this. Greed has, unconsciously and consciously, crept into the way we develop our food supply. Whenever the food supply is managed in an impersonal basis there is high risk for exploitation. Though this development is not everywhere, it is extensive enough now that balance in the industry is fargone. This condition, may be, beyond the ability of mankind to retrieve it unless radical changes are implemented.  

Mark Hammer, C.M.H., Master Herbalist, Longevity Mountain

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