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Put Away The Sharp Accessories In Your Kitchen If You Have Kids At Home

Having glassware or tableware lying outside on the floor, table or anywhere within the reach of your children can be dangerous. Kids are running around the house at all times as they so much energy to give out so having these sharp options lying around can cause a very dangerous accident. If you have some sort of kitchen accessories made of glass or steel in your house then kids can easily pick them up and start playing with it without realising how dangerous they can be.


All of the sharp kitchen accessories should be kept away from the children at all times. Some children have a habit of sleep walking and if they accidently walk towards a knife or glass vase then that can cause a terrible accident.


I only have 4 fingers on my left hand because of the accident I suffered when I used to sleep walk in my childhood. This is a serious thing and should be dealt by many parents around the World. I used to sleep walk when I was a kid. The accident occured when I was 5 years old, when I walked down to the kitchhen and started playing with a knife which was left in the dining table by mistake and after that all I heard was my mother screaming.


Accessories such as knives, bottle openers and other accessories should be stored away from the reach of the kids. When you have a part at home sometimes you forget to keep these items away, it is important to keep them safe before you go enjoy few chats with your friends and family. I have suffered from this and I don’t want others to suffer from the similar sort of accident. I think even your child’s room furniture should be made of plastic rather than wooden or metal. Be safe than sorry.

Approved Childhood Ideas

According to a 1995 examine on Childhood Obesity conducted at Baylor College of Medicine, it is estimated that 21 % of American small children and adolescents ages 12 to 19 are obese. From my observation, most kids make the most of totally free refills and go to the beverage fountain several times.

Another research was headed by Dr. Harold Goldstein, executive director with the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. The examine determined that 24 % of adults beverage 1 or a lot more sodas or sweetened beverages a day, and these adults are 27 % far more likely to grow to be overweight. If adults drink that quite a few sugary drinks, certainly their children will drink even more. This could be verified by the reality that the examine identified that just about sixty-two percentage of adolescents ages 12 to 17 and 41 pct of young children ages 2 to 11 beverage at the very least one sugar-sweetened beverage a day. In my opinion, most small children consume much more simply because they have a sugary drink with each meal in addition to among meal snacks.

And finally, based on the 1994 United States Department of Agriculture survey entitled “What We Eat in America”, the average teenager consumed 64.5 gallons of soft ingest per year, triple the quantity consumed in 1978 which was 20.6 gallons. On average, 75 pct of teenage boys drank almost 3 12-ounce cans of soda per day, and two-thirds of teenage girls drank roughly two cans.

It’s not just adults who are faced with an out break of obesity. Centers for Illness Control (CDC) statistics tell the chilling story of obesity among kids between the ages of 6 to 11 has more than doubled inside last 20 years.

These studies confirm that it’s time for father and mother to aid children make greater choices. In our quick paced society, several parents and their children do not have their meals together. This age group generally doesn’t have adequate information or expertise to produce wise decisions. So what do we do?

A analyze just published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine concludes there’s a uncomplicated and effective solution to take away the excess eating of calories causing childhood overweight, obesity, and contributing to cavities along with other wellness problems.

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Why we should encourage our children to take part in arts and crafts

The benefits of arts and crafts such as drawing and coloring for kids are frequently argued by child development experts, educators and parents alike… especially so for the real impact they have on child development. However, it is difficult to disagree with the top three reasons why we should all encourage the children in our care to take part in arts and crafts.

Creativity – If you were to ask a cross section of individuals what is the first personality characteristic that arts and crafts will develop in a young child – most would answer ‘creativity’. And they are  correct.Everyone has natural talents & skills and it is certainly possible to improve and boost them… even if you only have a tiny amount of natural talent. Creativity enables your child to try out and profit from new ideas, options and alternatives in a future career. Kids learn to do things in new ways and literally profiting from thinking “out of the box”.

Perseverance – Perseverance is perhaps the single most important quality for any successful individual – be they a a business person, sportsman or other professional.  In fact, most well-known breakthroughs in life have been attributed to perseverance alone. Arts and crafts improve everyone’s level of perseverance.For instance, children learn to keep trying until they accomplish the task, be it a sculpture or a coloring in sheet.If something unexpected goes wrong… they are encouraged to perservere by trying different ways and means and the outcome is a wonderful piece of art that they have created.

Concentration – Akin to having perseverance, developing concentration is another quality well-worth having as an individual.Drawing, coloring, sculpting, finger or normal painting and even doodling will definitely teach your child to focus on one specific task at hand… ignoring other distractions. In short – their overall concentration will definitely improve.

Even from a young age children can draw and color – so give them blank pieces of paper or coloring in sheets so that they can scribble away  to their hearts content whilst also improving their fine motor skills.

For example at sites like Spiderman Coloring you’ll find free Spiderman coloring as well as coloring pages, funny pics and more.

Little girls on the other hand tend to prefer images of fairies and princesses – however, favorite characters such as those from Disney movies  are also hits.

Give your child many opportunities to experience being creative, concentrating and perservering through the fun medium of arts and crafts. Provide them with materials and resources and the occasional special canvas so that they can be creative and feel pride in what they create. 


5 Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts

With the 2009 Christmas Holidays just around the corner, We are all making plans for holidays and how to make this day special for the loved ones. The kids are extremely excited as they brace themselves for all the gifts and exciting times. No longer are the children satisfied with it they received. Today, kids want to get the newest and the most interesting toys available in the market.

Here are the the hottest holiday toys for 2009 that are going to set those hearts racing this 2009 Christmas.


When planning a girl giftSome toys that never seem to go obsolete are the Snow Whites, Cinderallas and other beautiful dolls. Dolls have been in the hot toys lists since the early 90’s and continues on the hot Christmas list in 2009 for young children. Just make sure to check all the shops well in advance to get the latest and the most popular toys.

Electronic Toys

For kids in the age group of 5-10, techno and electronic toys are expected to be one of the hottest Christmas toys of 2009. Whether it is Ben Ten Ultimate Omnitrix, Zhu Zhu Pets, Nintendo games or the remote control toys, they are enjoyed for their interactivity, styling and close association with the real world.

Play Kitchen Items

Whether you are shopping for a girl or boy, Christmas is a great time to start showing them the ideas of cookingsince this is an important part of these celebrations. Through kitchen play toys, kids not only learn the importance of the traditions but also get involved in pretend play that encourages them to use their imagination and creativity. Arithmetics can also be a skill that is learned like half a cup, full cup or even a specific fraction.

Action Figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, GI Joe, original star wars action figures, are all extremely loved by kids. Such toys allow children to use their creativity and develop strategies to win. They kind of toys make them feel more confident and accomplished since it builds on their existing congitive skills.

High School Musical

These 5 ideas for 2009 Christmas gifts cannot be complete with the absense of the ultra popular high school musical gifts. With 3 part series already hitting the screens and enjoying thunderous success, the market is filled with toys ranging from dance mats, dolls to video games. The speed at which these kid gifts are disappearing from the toy shops.

Christmas is an occasion of family, frolic, laughter and quality family time. It is the perfect time to spend as much time with those special little ones in your life. Give your children the most creative gifts this Christmas and see them blossom in the most wonderful ways. So, there you have it 5 great ideas for your kids Christmas list so let the ideas flow!

Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzles – Family Fun And A Great Keepsake

Creative, interesting and fun, putting together a puzzle is one of the all time favourite family activities. You can both relax and use your brain at the same time.

It’s something that you can do in your own time and over as short or as long a period as you like. You can do it whilst listening to music or watching TV, it really is one of the most flexible types of fun.

For many years, I bought jigsaw puzzles from Wal-Mart and other department stores. After a while though, it gets boring piecing together the same generic pictures. At that point I started looking at alternative styles of jigsaws and came across photo puzzles. These let you choose your own picture, so you can actually make a jigsaw from a picture of your family or friends.

These photo puzzles gave new life to a tried and tested family activity. They bring together the fun of puzzle making while enjoying your favorite photo of the family, last vacation, or your favorite day such as your wedding. It’s a type of jigsaw that you want to do more than once, and also to lend to your close ones.

The best thing is that you’re not limited to a single photo. You can create a photo collage of all of your favourite digital photos and have them tell a story of an event or a time in yours, or someone else’s, life. It makes a wonderful keepsake or gift for just about anyone.

One of my children had a particularly wonderful and caring teacher. At the end of the school year, we gave her a picture collage that included photos of all the students in her class. She was genuinely pleased to receive this and has since told me of what an enjoyable time she had putting it together. She liked it so much that she framed it after she had completed it.

A photo collage puzzle is also ideal for celebrating a family reunion. These days we see a lot of reuniting going on between family and long lost friends. The internet is the perfect tool to collect old photos from friends and family and put these together into a wonderful photo collage.

Grandparents especially enjoy being given a unique gift such as this. It’s a perfect way for them to fill their long days whilst having fun and remembering the good times.

The other possibilities for photo collage jigsaw puzzles are almost endless. I’m sure you can think of a few more!

You can find out more here : Photo Collage Or Picture Collage : Courtesy of http://jigsaw2order.com

Kid’s Ride-On Toys

When a kid is younger than the age of 5, there are often awfully limited options for things they can do outside.  They can run and play, but they will not ride a bike, or get on a scooter like lots of the other children they may see while out.  This means that they have to find something comparable to do.  My child always liked the youngsters ride on toys that my mother got for her, and I know that many other children love them as well .  There are different types that go with different age groups, and plenty can be saved for the subsequent kid, if you are having more. 

The smallest kid will need kids ride on toys that allow them to sit in them without falling out.  This means that there should be some means of support for them.  The type possessing a roof and a door might be dearer, but they are also safer for the child that is just starting out with the youngsters ride on toys.  These youngsters may not be able to master pedals just yet, so these should be ones they can push with their feet.  Check them over for breaks if they’re passed down to you before you let the child ride. 

The youngsters ride on toys for children who can pedal on their own come in numerous different sizes and colours.  Some comes in the theme of television characters.  These are a lot of fun for a kid that is not really prepared for a bike, but wants to ride around like the other children.  When purchasing these, you’ve got to be certain your child is tall enough to use it comfortably.  If their legs are too short they will not be in a position to reach the pedals or they won’t be ready to get off and on without falling down. 

You can find kids ride on toys anywhere you find toys, for the most part, and you may ask your friends and relations to work out if they have any used ones that they do not need anymore.  Simply make sure they’re in good shape before you allow your child to use them .  You will find them online also and you’ll find some there that you can not find locally.  Shipping can be a problem, but many of them are light and the expenses for shipping them to your house will not be as bad as you might think.

Many of the most highly rated ride-on toys are made by the Little Tikes company. They have been making their Little Tykes Cozy Coupe for 30 years now and they have a special 30th Anniversary model on sale this year.

Children’s Toys

When it comes right down to it, what do kids truly want?  Do they need clothes?  Not likely.  What about faculty supplies?  Not particularly.  Do they want to have nutritious healthy meals on the table?  That’s not something that they truly care about is it?  What they actually want is kids toys.  Unfortunately, we need to ensure that the crucial things, the necessary things, come first.  That doesn’t typically leave a lot for the things they really desire does it?  But there are plenty of selections available to getting the things your kids want while still giving them the things they actually need. 

At one point people went to garage sales to find cheap children toys.  But hitting the garage sale circuit takes time and if you’re searching for something specific it can be extremely worsening to grasp that you might have to spend weeks to find it.  The Net is your year long virtual garage sale.  You’ll be able to find multitudes of sites that offer gently loved kids toys that you are able to afford.  Not only are you able to afford it, but you should buy it from the comfort of your own home, without having to spend some time or gas money.  Thanks to world shipping, it can also be sent directly to your doorstep with little extra cost. 

At the same time that you are finding the toys that your children really want, you may also cut back the muddle of forgotten youngsters toys that are filling up their toy rooms, storage bins, and closets in your place.  Selling toys that were loved by your kids during the past and they’ve now outgrown does not get any easier than selling them on the internet.  Why hold a garage sale or spend money to post an advertisement in the paper when you can put up a simple picture and an advertisement online?  As you sell the toys they no longer play with you can bring in a little additional cash to spend on the toys they actually want.  Now you can afford to buy the things they really need and give them what they want at the same time! 

Finding kids toys that are unique, fun, and cheap saves you cash and time.  It takes the strain of bargain hunting from store to store out of your life.  Your home becomes less cluttered, your kids get the toys they need, and you save money to buy them the mandatory things in life.

You will find a good selection of toys on the Top Toys website including some excellent boys toys including the Scalextric Digital Car Racing