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Play Dough: Silly Trivia

Many of us have fond childhood memories of making our very own worlds with playdough. Now it is possible to share that joy with the young children within your life by producing playdough at home. Making your own playdough is rapidly and easy, requiring only several basic ingredients.

Here are two widespread recipes.

When it comes to preschool art and craft concepts there are actually lots of parents who spend a great deal of money on supplies at the stores. Or you can make use of the absolutely free preschool craft ideas and have far more enjoyable creating your personal craft supplies with ingredients you already have inside your kitchen. It is feasible to make your very own play dough, paint along with other preschool craft materials with various recipes.

Materials Needed:

These recipes are tested for safety and efficiency for craft supplies that children adore to play with. Many of the craft suggestions are uncomplicated and secure enough to make that young children might be involved inside the process. These suggestions identify expertise that the youngsters can use to develop, as they work with the craft materials and highlights unique ways to use the completed products.

  • 3 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup of salt
  • 2 tbsp of vegetable oil
  • 1 cup of water
  • Food coloring
  • large mixing bowl
  • measuring cup
  • wax paper


You can add your own exclusive craft ideas to the recipes and experiment with the color, scent or texture of the craft materials. For providers who’ve discovery tables, these craft supplies will improve the children’s sensory exploration and understanding skills. The totally free preschool craft suggestions are indispensable that both the parents well as youngster care providers will love. One also can get more out of their price range with the free preschool craft suggestions projects as they’ll be utilizing much more prevalent household material to create your personal craft materials.

Play dough is 1 such inexpensive material is usually put to use inside the no cost preschool craft suggestions as they manipulate it into many forms and shapes. It can be cut with the enable of scissors and it truly is a very intriguing activity for the preschoolers. One can poke, cut and scoop the play dough with several utensils. They can also make use of the cookie cutters and rollers which might be conveniently obtainable within the kitchen. The youngsters shall be creating essential skills with the enable of the totally free preschool craft involving the play dough as they’ll be ready to make use of language to discuss the look, really feel smell and touch of the dough.

  1. Prepare the region you shall be using by laying out a layer of wax paper.
  2. Mix the dry ingredients together breaking up any clumps.
  3. Add the oil to the flour and salt mixture.
  4. Fill the measuring cup with 1 cup of water. Add food color directly to the water and mix thoroughly. About 7 drops tends to item nice coloring, but add much more or less as you see fit.
  5. Slowly add the colored water to the flour/salt/oil mixture. Pour about 1/4 cup at a time though mixing having a spoon.
  6. Once all of the water has been added, continue to stir with the spoon until the mixture takes on a dough like texture.
  7. Transfer the dough to the wax paper and knead till the color is well distributed.
  8. Enjoy sharing and playing together with your playdough.

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Teaching Children Sustainability And Environmental Care

These days we all understand our responsibilty to live in a more sustainable fashion as our responsibility to future generations Our children AND their children AND their children’s children deserve the same beautiful planet we have to enjoy. So how do we teach them environmental stewardship?

A creative and simple way to get started is by working together to recycle materials into “wonderous” new items the kids will enjoy. Rather than telling them what to do, it’s better to let the kids be involved.

Encourage your kids to label your recycling bins with their own creative signs. The importance of separating recyclables can be taught with simple “this belongs with this” and “this doesn’t belong with that” games.

Once you’ve assembing a good range of materials you can begin recycling paper into paper mache objects, greeting cards, paper flowers or jewellery or anything else that comes to mind. Things like thrown-out coffee cans can be decorated with recycled paper to create “customized” pencil holders that your kids will surely love. There are plenty of ideas you can suggest but to really stimulate your kids creativity and involve them fully, let them suggest their own ideas or undertake a project themselves.

Visit your local recycling center or thrift store and explore how “one man’s gargbage is another man’s treasure.. That way they can see how donations like old toys, clothing and shoes can be made into something usable for others.

Composting To Teach About Sustainability

Creating compost is a great way for children to learn about the existence and importance of micro-organisms – the “invisible” creatures – and their way to help us maintain a healthy ecosystem. Building an awareness of microscopic “invisible” creatures allows kids to “get” that our actions can impact on the world, the natural environment we can’t see.

Get your kids to assist with routine emptying of the kitchen compost crock into the outside composter and they’ll be able to observe the shrinking and changes that take place as the microbes do their work. Better still, if you have a worm farm, your kids can observe the worms and form an understanding of the role of worms in maintaining soil health. Whatever composting method you use, when you have finished compost make it an event to spread the material around plants and then watch for results.

Sustainability Games and Websites for Children

Learning how to live more sustainably and care for the natural environment doesn’t have to be boring!. Children all enjoy interractive games with their colors and sounds and quickly learn whilst playing.  On the internet you can find hundreds of resources and interractive game sites that aim to teach sustainability and environmental awareness for any age group. Here’s some great websites with resources and games for kids:

OlliesWorld.com –
Ecokids.ca – An award winning Canadian website with games for kids and resources for teachers.
Eekoworld see: pbskids.org/eekoworld/ – A great site that immediately grabs kids attention.
Ecokids.co.nz –
Webrangers.us – an online version of the National Park Service Junior Ranger Program
Earthmatters4kids.org – excellent environmental education site with high quality teacher’s resources.

There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of ways for children to gain a real appreciation for the natural environment and learn to live more sustainably.. But as a parent, we can’t forget that the most potent method we have to teach sustainability is by our own actions and leading by example.



Baby Box Office

Every weekend in America movies are rated by the many greenbacks they bring into the box office. Even with the high costs of tickets, 31 millions greenbacks may be a lot of individuals within the seats. We have a tendency to are a movie culture.

Several people thirty and over keep in mind the terribly 1st movie they saw. Kids of the following generation aren’t as probably to recollect that initial one though, as a result of they can see it after they were babies.

DVDs for babies looks sort of a silly idea, but researchers are discovering the added color, movement, lights and sounds introduced to a baby’s surroundings will really have very positive effects of neurological development. Plug in and watch your kid learn and grow.

Make A Genius For many years it was thought that some children were born geniuses and a few children weren’t. You either came out of the womb as Einstein or as Joe. With vast enhancements in understand each babies and intelligence, researchers currently recognize that several youngsters can attain a high IQ and skill simply by the educational and experiences they develop in their primary years.

To any that, the Disney Company has come back out with a line of videos and product referred to as Baby Einstein. The Baby Einstein DVDs feature music, sounds, nature, and babies as they explore things like a kid’s first movements, and sound recognition. Encouraging babies to clap, jump and move help begin the kinesthetic method at a terribly young age. It doesn’t mean your child can do quantum mechanics at 4, however it can add a group of experiences and talents to their repertoire.

Be International With the globalization of both business and education the a lot of languages anyone speaks the better off they are. Several schools are developing dual language programs where kids can learn in two languages at the identical time to make them additional fluent in the world village. When is the simplest time to find out a second language? When you’re learning the primary one.

The web site http://babyclassroom.com options a full line of DVDs for babies that teach language acquisition. Among the languages represented are Yank Sign Language, Italian, French and Spanish. Using songs and visual word associations these DVDs facilitate a child and the parents learn together.

Speak Native Language is made of words and also the key to development for babies together with the physical abilities is vocabulary development. DVDs are show to highly improve a baby’s ability to form and speak words early.

Bee Good Baby may be a DVD vocabulary builder that teaches words with music, games, visuals and repetition. A testimonial on the web site claims their baby had learned 10 words by nine months of age. By using the DVD together with the constant communication parents have with youngsters, new words ({that a} parent may not suppose to show) can be added to the kid’s vocabulary.

None of those DVDs are ever visiting win an Academy Award, but it does appear that the flicks, our tried and trusted escape, could truly be helping our kids once all.

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Your Children Can Use Cardboard Boxes To Create Their Own Mini Robots

Finding ways to keep your children entertained can be a tiring process, especially when the weather isn’t the best and they can’t just go out into the garden or park to play. Its easy to just stick them in front of the television or let them play computer games but you don’t want them staring at a screen for too long. Finding them something practical to do is far more worthwhile and this is where using any cardboard boxes you have lying around can come in very handy.


Obviously if you have slightly older children who are 10 or over then the idea of getting them to make something may not be ideal for them. However, for younger children, bringing out their own creative ideas can be a great way of letting their imagination run wild and actually stimulating their brain rather than just watching TV.

There are numerous things that you can get your kids to make, from pirate ships and racing cars to castles and houses. One of the best things that they can do is to make their own robot and if you have more than one child they make one each and then have their own little robot wars with them. A robot can be on of the top things to make because there are no real set guidelines on how it should really look. A robot can come in all different shapes and sizes and can have a multitude of household objects attached to it to create a truly imaginative final outcome. From kitchen roll tubes to yoghurt pots, you can find a use for many household things to make up a part of the creation. The main body of it is best created using cardboard boxes, a larger box for the central part and then smaller ones for the head or any of the limbs it is going to have.

When the actual structure of the robot has been completed, your kids can then get to work on how it looks by painting or adding other types of decoration to it. Kitchen foil can be a great addition to any robot as it will add a shiny metallic look to it and could be used to cover the entire thing or just to make certain parts stand out. The painting aspect can be even more fun than the making part as they can come up with crazy patterns made up of different colours and really stamp their own style onto it.

Getting your children to be creative can be a good way of making use of any used cardboard boxes you have around the house and will also mean that they will be using their brain a lot more than some of the other things they may otherwise do.

Used Vacations

Maybe a cabin from the woods during winter months or a white sandy beach for the duration of summer? Whatever your loved ones enjoys, a family members getaway is actually a chance to get to understand your complete household once again and have good quality time to spend together.This is an chance to truly talk to your youngsters and discover whats going on in their day-to-day lives. Kids usually really feel differently when away from the property environment and so you could uncover it much easier to acquire them to open up.

Affordable Winter Vacations

Winter implies snow and cold weather for most of us. However, it is feasible to get to a warmer spot and pay a good deal less by taking a holiday throughout the winter. Or, when you appreciate the winter months weather, make the most of it at a couple of of your spots below.

While family members vacations are an excellent time to connect along with your kids, it isn’t gonna automatically turn you into the perfect family. Communicating with your young children is occasionally something but easy. Try to possess a wonderful deal of patients understanding. Try to be as flexible as you can and avoid any unnecessary confrontation.


This may make them feel like an crucial part of your full method and also gives you some concept of what they enjoy. Doing things you appreciate along with the youngsters will make for a far more peaceful trip.

Rates on cruise ships are greatly reduced starting in November and December. Ships that would go for $800-1000 per particular person can go for as low as $400.

Ski Resorts:

Ski resorts are for those who like to embrace the winter weather. This destination keeps you active and doesn’t break your wallet. If you’re prepared for some action, or even a mouthful of snow, that is your place.

While trying to stay away from most day-to-day difficulties is ideal in your vacation, it is not continually practical. Say you contain a teen and they are heading through all of individuals puberty issues, they may not be as cooperative as you had hoped. In this case just make an effort to be as understanding as possible. Have a talk with them in private and let them know how anything at all you will be doing is for the very best and how this might be a great enjoyable experience for everyone if gone smoothly.

Las Vegas:

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Ways To Be A Good Parent

Good parenting skills cannot be learnt over night. Every parent wishes that their children should develop into a healthy, happy, socially mature individuals. Such a dream and thought requires a lot of hard work from the side of the parents which in turn allows their child to reach their full potential. But the current condition is such wherein parents are facing several challenges. Hectic lifestyle and paucity of time are few problems parents these days have to cope with.

To meet the escalating prices and increased standard of living generally both mother and father are working. Here we are faced with a very significant question, which is that, are working parents more effectively using the decreased time with their children? It has been noticed that children who receive greater participation of the parents in their life perform better in school and amongst peers. At the same time being overtly protective about ones child may also prove to be hazardous. Therefore a middle path authoritative parenting ideology must be followed where children are supported to be independent and their judgment is acknowledged. But at the same time certain level of limits and control is levied.

Making the house safe for children is yet another significant aspect of good parenting. We are fully aware that children are naïve and inquisitive. If, unsupervised they may indulge in certain things which might prove to be highly hazardous. Therefore, including methods which makes the house child friendly is very important. Electrical and fire safety in the house require special consideration. The electrical units and wires should be safely secured; secondly all electrical points must be away from the reach of children. For tips and services regarding electrical safety, Knoxville electricians may be contacted.

Child friendly bathrooms should be included for the safety of the children. There are several ways by which bathroom can be made safe for children. Anti –slip tiles makes the flooring of the bathroom secured. Water heating system in the bathroom should be regulated in such a way so as to prevent scaling of the skin. Also faucets and pipes should be inspected for all faults. Call Knoxville plumbers regarding all plumbing service. The bathroom also requires good ventilation to avoid moisture and formation of molds in the bathroom. Mold and moisture leads to breeding of germs and infection which can severely affect the health of a child. Roof ventilation is the best way to ensure outdoor air in the bathroom. Summon roofers in Knoxville for the installation of roof ventilators.

Children’s Toys & Games – Ways You May Help Your Youngsters Acquire The Fundamental Skills Of Kindergarten

Children desire to learn things.  Within the beginning years of existence, there truly is not any differentiation between learning and playtime to a boy or girl and they get just as much pleasure and delight from learning new stuff as they do from any game they participate in.  Therefore the many years prior to kindergarten are a ideal time for you to use play time with your little ones to start their journey towards mastering some simple ideas that will likely be really beneficial to them once they arrive at kindergarten.

Quite a few childrens toys and games target encouraging your little one master colors, figures along with other basics that will likely be good to have a solid understanding of before they arrive at kindergarten.  You possibly can make a game of learning the color names and you might be stunned how bright your youngster is and confident enough to learn not only the fundamental 5-10 hues but several nuances associated with colour in the process.  The equivalent is true concerning forms.  Even though a youngster may perhaps have difficulties saying “octagon”, you should not underestimate their aptitude to learn the names of the various shapes of their playthings and blocks.

It is possible to use play and reading hours in order to likewise help your toddler child receive a very good understanding of the alphabet, just how the particular letters look and figures and counting.  These could all be exceptional primary capabilities of kindergarten that could make the step inside conventional school effortless and comfortable for your son or daughter.  In reality, it isn’t uncommon to anticipate that your toddler could very well figure out how to sign her name and complete some simple letter shaping activities just before she commences kindergarten.  How great would it be for her not only to have these core competencies and areas of understanding well in hand just before school starts off but to be ready to begin with real  self-confidence that she is smart and prepared for classes?  That sort of self-assurance could result in major success for any student starting on a great new journey.

For Elementary: Silly Trivia

One of the favorite items for some young children is Science Fair day. Kids, parents and teachers strategy for weeks their tasks and then let the anticipation develop till the large day! While some children do not like science projects, it is mostly due to the fact they haven’t discovered the right one. You’ll find so quite a few cool factors it is possible to do that count as science, and don’t take too a lot time. 

In our previous write-up we shared strategies for hosting a preschool gown up party. Here are a few far more tips for social gathering games, invitations and activities for costume up parties for girls.

When considering the celebration invitation, continue with the dress-up celebration theme. You could make your own invitation by cutting out shapes of shoes and purses. Another suggestion would be to discover a cute costume up celebration invitation, including the one particular observed here.

You can borrow the mirrors, or buy some affordable ones for around 5 dollars a piece. A enjoyment centerpiece thought is to tie balloons on the manage of a cute purse.

Have the kids poodle skirts as well as other dress up items ready for the women after they get to your party. You can drape the children poodle skirts along with other enjoyment outfits in either a large box or perhaps a trunk. After the women fit on their outfits and young children poodle skirts do a speedy make-over, like adding lip gloss or performing face painting.

A fun, easy, and inexpensive craft is for the girls to make body glitter. Add polyester glitter, identified at most craft stores, to aloe vera gel. Have wood craft sticks offered for the girls to stir the gel and glitter from the colors that they like. You, or one more adult, can place their gel in their individual private container with their name on it.

For an activity you may make or purchase a pinata. Have the pinata be in the form of lipstick or perhaps a purse. Add plastic jewelry and lip gloss on the candy in the pinata.

2nd Grade: Create an insect collection to discover what sorts of insects live within your area. Or, fit up a bird feeder and document what birds live in your area, and what their consuming habits are – morning or night? What do they like to eat?

3rd Grade: Test out waterproof mascaras, to see if they may be seriously waterproof or not. You could also fit nails in various forms of liquid, to determine which ones rust metal the fastest.

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Encourage Your Kids To Read In A Kids Playhouse

Everyone needs a special reading nook to get really interested in a book and unwind.  Kids would like the same kind of special reading space.  Finding a quiet place where a child isn’t distracted by the television, computer games, ipods or gaming systems can be very difficult.  A child can use their kids playhouse as their special place to escape to read.

As a parent, getting your child to read on a daily basis can be rather hard when there are so many other activities competing for your child’s attention.  A children’s playhouse can be transformed into a comfortable and quiet environment quite easily to encourage your child to read.  It might be so inviting, that your child will actually choose to go to the outdoor play house to read without a battle.  Isn’t that a great situation to be in as a parent?

To turn an outdoor play house into a quiet and comfortable reading nook where your child will actually want to go to for their reading, try these four tips:

1.  Make it inviting.   Bean bag chairs or a comfy rocking chair can be just the thing for a child to hunker down and get reading.  Add a favorite blanket and colorful pillow and your child will find it hard to resist sitting down to read.  Construct a window seat with cushions and long, flowing curtains that can be drawn for privacy for a special place only used for reading.  How cool would that private area be for getting away to read?  Favorite snacks are also important to have on hand in the playhouse!

2.  Good reading lighting is essential.  When your child reads, it’s important to have good lighting.  Supply batter powered lights, or electric lights, if the natural lighting isn’t doing the job.  Kids love flashlights, battery powered lighting may be an great “fun factor” because it’s different from what they are used to when reading.

3.  Make available a variety of books in the playhouse.  Have additional books in the kids playhouse so that once a child is done with one book, they can easily pick up another and begin to read that book too.  To help young readers pick out books appropriate for their age group, go to your local library or search on-line for recommended reading list.  Alternatively, just taking your child to the library to have them pick out their own books is enough to make them want to read what they have selected themselves.  Make a rule to have the books stay in the playhouse so that the playhouse is considered the designated reading area.

4.  Distractions should be removed.  If your child’s playhouse will be used as their reading space, remove any of their favorite distractions.  Check the kids play house periodically to remove distractions that may have made their way into the playhouse.

Following these tips will make both your life easier and your child’s life happier.  When it comes time to filling out your child’s reading time log, you and your child will feel great when you are able to log the recommended reading times or better yet, logging extra minutes of reading time.  The dedicated reading nook area in a kids playhouse may be so successful to getting your child to read that you may want to pass your secret on to other parents!

Work And Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Are you tired of working for someone else and looking for a way out? What you can do is start your own online business. One of the perks of being your own boss is being the one to decide what time you want to work. Imagine working in the comfort of your very own home.

Having your own online business has other benefits besides being in charge of your work hours. If you have kids, then a few more income will be very helpful to you. While your kids are sleeping or busy watching a movie, you can go ahead and get some work done.

It’s a fact that having kids means extra expenses. Your lucky if the money your spouse makes in his or her full time job will be enough to pay for everything and still live a comfortable life. Because the cost of living is quite high, sometimes both parents need to earn some income just so they could support their family. There are parents who can’t afford to hire a babysitter and go to work at the office. If that’s the case, then find a way to help your family by making some extra money.

Having your own online business is convenient because you can make a good living while spending quality time with your kids. It’s a great idea to stay at home and make good money while taking care of your family at the same time. Even if your kids are still young, you could bring your laptop with you on playgrounds and work and keep an eye on them while they’re playing.

It’s no secret how tedious and exhausting it is to work from 9 to 5, especially if you have children waiting for you at home. So how about starting your own online business so you get to spend more time with your family and make more money at the same time.

Author bio: Jason Wilson writes as a hobby and maintains websites for log cabin furniture featuring log beds.

Discover The Top Ten Tips For Making Wooden Playhouses Unique

Does your child wish for an outdoor play house that they can tailor to their own tastes and preferences? There are many unique features, fun areas, and kid-friendly elements to encourage imaginative play that can be included in a children’s playhouse. Incorporating some of these elements into your own play house will make it standout from wooden playhouses that are average or off-the-rack.

Find out the top kid-rated, fun features are of wooden playhouses!  Consider any one of these following elements to your own wooden play house:

  1. Trap door. Your child will love this hidden door feature. Adding a trap door to a playhouse house ensures that your kids playhouse is special and unique.  It adds significantly to the imaginative and creative play your child can experience in the the playhouse.
  2. Skylights. Kids are always interested in their surroundings and a skylight is a great way to bring the outdoors inside.  Your child will gain a new perspective on the outside world with a skylight in their playhouse.
  3. Stilts. An elevated playhouse on stilts is something every kid wants and desires. Having a playhouse above ground is something kids view as a “cool” factor.  The above ground playhouse feature can easily be incorporated into playing “pirates at sea” and “the attack of alien space ships”.  Why not encourage that creativity on a regular basis with a playhouse that is elevated?
  4. Fireman’s pole. Firemen are revered by children. Do you remember how many times you as a child pretended to play a fireman? Lots! If your child is really in to playing “fireman”, then you should consider adding a fireman’s pole to his outdoor play house.
  5. Lookout tower. One doesn’t see many enclosed or open lookout towers for playhouses, but it’s a feature that sets your playhouse apart from others.
  6. Loft area. Having a loft area allows another dimension to wooden playhouses where kids can have sleep overs or a child can just get away to somewhere quiet.
  7. Patio, porch or deck. What kid doesn’t want their own patio, porch or deck, just like a real home has?
  8. Pass through window. Kids love having a lemonade stand or pretending to play like they are driving through a McDonald’s restaurant.  Having a pass through window allows these types of kid-friendly activities to occur.
  9. Built in bench and table. A built in bench and table makes the playhouse so much more inviting and comfortable to kids.
  10. Dutch doors. Dutch doors are fun and aren’t found in a typical home so they are intriguing to children.  Your child will enjoy being able to open the top or the bottom or both the top and bottom.

The top 10 list to make your kids playhouse unique will give you and your child many ideas on what should be incorporated into a children’s playhouse for the ultimate in fun.   You will be able to customize wooden playhouses to your child’s likes, at the same time making the playhouse unique, which will make your child happy for a very long time.

Be Your Child’s Best Teacher

Some children seem to come out of the womb with a primary education already in their blood. Others may find learning more difficult. Many factors determine your child’s ability to learn. Parents can always help get a jump start for their child’s learning. You have the role of being your child’s best and first teacher.

Begin Early

Being preoccupied with the worries of life is the typical adult state of mind. This constant chatter in our head blocks our thought process and makes us forget things. Children have open minds. They don’t have to worry about Work performance, maintaining the home or paying bills. Start their education now.

{Turn Learning into Fun, Make Learning Fun, Learning Can be fun}

A small baby doesn’t know the difference between a lyrical song and the alphabet song. So sing the ABC’s, count to ten and beyond whenever you play with the baby. Paint letters around your child’s room and use flash cards with them. Say out loud that this is an “A”, while Pointing to the “A”. Do this with letters and numbers, and then with whole words. Don’t be discouraged if your friends and family tease you. Neither you or your baby have anything to lose.

Other Topics to Think About

Although reading, writing, and arithmetic are important topics for any young learner to grasp, once your child beings to attend school, their days will be filled with this set curriculum. You should take this time to make sure they have a broad view on education. Even though they are years off from applying these procedures in the real world, teach them the rules of the road and how to handle money.

They should learn that credit cards can only buy what you can afford, and it holds a major responsibility. Explain that all bills should be paid in full and on time. Even though it may not seem like they understand, they will. These are important lessons. Once they start using money, they will have a better understanding of how to manage it.

Driving safety is also very important. Once your child is sixteen you will feel as if the are ready to drive with intelligence and maturity if you start teaching them young. Waving a person over once you have slowed down so they can merge is one topic worth considering. Inform your child that this is considered courteous when this happens. Let them know that being courteous is the best way to control your vehicle, and it’s not a weakness.

You will think of other lesson examples as they arise in your life. Everything from handling a baseball bat to baking grandma’s secret cake recipe will emerge. You will also have to talk about sex, drugs, and alcohol. The best way to approach this is to engage the child in conversation, rather than turning the moment into a formal lesson. Talking to you kids often will help ensure that they listen to you.

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