Google Launches API for AI language Model PaLM Challenging ChatGPT-3

Google’s API for PaLM will help businesses “generate text, images, code, videos, audio, and more from simple natural language prompts”. Catching up on OpenAI’s accelerating development on ChatGPT, Google has now started offering developers access to one of its most advanced AI-based language models, PaLM. Along with other API enterprise tools, Google is launching an … Read more

Tencent Abandons VR Hardware Plans Due to Challenging Macroeconomic Parameters

Chinese tech giant Tencent is ‘shifting’ away from its VR hardware initiative to remain competitive on the metaverse front.  Tencent Holdings Ltd has scrapped plans to build virtual reality (VR) hardware amid a bleak economic outlook. According to reports, the Chinese multinational tech and entertainment conglomerate is looking to reduce costs and headcount at its metaverse unit. Tencent … Read more