Blackrock CEO Says US ‘Debt Ceiling Drama’ Is Bad for Dollar, Bitcoin May Benefit

Laurence Fink described the debt ceiling deliberations as bad for the dollar as the Blackrock CEO predicts further interest rate hikes. The CEO of investment management company Blackrock is not excited about the ongoing attempt to raise the US debt ceiling. CEO Laurence Fink recently spoke about the “drama” surrounding the debt ceiling increase while … Read more

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Raises Concern about Crypto, Says It’s Matter of National Security

Coinbase CEO believes China might be looking to directly displace the US dollar from its role in global commerce. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has recently shared his thoughts on cryptocurrencies and the approach of the United States toward the special asset class. He admits that recent happenings around the world of cryptocurrency have made it … Read more

Nvidia CEO Says Generative AI Will Birth ‘New Computing Era’

Nvidia believes that generative AI might be the most important computing platform of this generation. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has shared some of the prospects of generative AI being a form of artificial intelligence technology that will greatly impact the world. He shared his thoughts on Monday while delivering a keynote speech at the Computex … Read more

Starling Bank CEO to Step Down on June 30th after 10 Years in Charge

Starling CEO Anne Boden agrees to step down from the role at the British neobank next month over ‘conflict of interest’ concerns.  According to reports, Starling Bank co-founder and CEO Anne Boden will step down at the end of next month. Chief operating officer John Mountain is replacing Boden at the helm of the British … Read more

Elon Musk’s Lawyer Sends Letter to Microsoft CEO due to Abusing Twitter’s Data Access

The letter did not mention a lawsuit, however, Musk threatened to seek legal redress if there is such a need when he first mentioned this violation back in April. There appears to be a subtle data war brewing between Twitter Inc and American tech giant Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). This claim stems from the letter … Read more