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Are You Considering De-Clawing Your Cat Because He Is Destroying The Furniture?

Is your cat tearing your furniture to pieces? Is he driving you to distraction tearing up the legs of your favorite table until they look like they’ve been in the Texas chainsaw massacre? Are you considering de-clawing your cat?

Cats love to scratch away, it’s quite natural for cats to do so and helps them shared some of the dead material on their claws. As well as that it helps them mark their territory by leaving small amounts of scent around the house. Because they don’t know that you have no intention of allowing rival cats to enter.

If you think you’ll stop your cat from clawing then think again. Being instinctive it’s highly unlikely that scolding him or punishing him or throwing him outside or smacking his paws will do much at all to stop him scratching. Do all those things and he will still tear up the legs of your favourite table and drive you to distraction.

So it’s quite understandable that some cat owners who have been driven to distraction will consider de-clawing their cat. De-clawing is a surgical procedure where the claws on the front feet, though not generally the back, are removed with a part of the bone. It’s expensive for the owner and painful for the cat because of course the cat will have to walk around on injured feet while they heal. And of course it poses some risks to the cat.

Cats do some very important things which require claws, including running, stretching, climbing trees and digging in a litter box.

And finally de-clawing your cat removes his most important weapon against dogs. Watch a cat defend himself against a dog and you will see he can very successfully do so using his claws. But not if he doesn’t have any.

Sadly many people are unaware or don’t consider that there are cheaper and less painful and less stressful solutions than de-clawing your cat. For under $20 you can buy a cat scratching post and if you train him to use it the problem is sorted.

A cat scratching pole is a piece of dedicated cat furniture that is intended to provide him with a place to scratch where he can do all the damage he likes. Whilst it can sometimes take some effort to train him to use it there is no doubt that buying a scratching post and training him to use it is way less stressful and less expensive than serious surgery.

There are many countries where cat de-clawing is illegal. It is expensive and unnecessary and painful for the cat and the need for it is removed simply by buying cat scratching posts and training your cat properly.