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The Chequered Past Of Caseras Del Sol On The Costa Del Sol

If you are thinking of holidaying in Spain this year you might consider renting a villa or apartment near the beautiful whitewashed village of Casares, on the Costa Del Sol. Not sure where to stay from the choice of Casares apartments? We highly recommend you consider staying at a new complex known as Casares Del Sol. The newly developed complex is only 10 minutes or so drive from Casares down the hill towards the coast.

Casares Del Sol is set only 1 minute by car from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, or a 10 minute stroll for the energetic! There is plenty to do and see in the local area and is ideal for couples and families, as well as the golfer, walker, cyclist, and artist.

For those interested in local history the area has many fascinating historical facts and sites. For example on the road on the way to Manilva, the spa of la Hedionda, is reputedly where the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was cured of a liver complaint. This was allegedly due to the properties of the sulphuric waters that poured from the spring, and still continue to do so today. In gratitude the Emperor permitted Casares to mint its own coins. It is argued by some that the Roman town of ‘Lacipo’ was built as a long term monument to the historic event. Here and there you will find other fascinating remains of Roman times such as aqueducts and bridges. The small museum in Casares has quite a few Roman artifacts and is a good place to discover what Roman life was once like.

Casares has certainly had a chequered history. The remains of Moorish evidence can still be seen in the 12th century Castle at Casares. In 1361, Pedro the Cruel and the dethroned Mohamed V of Granada signed the Pact of Casares, by which the Moorish King recuperated his throne, leaving Casares as part of the Nazrid kingdom. In 1485 Casares was surrendered to Catholic forces after Ronda fell and was handed to the Duke of Cádiz.

The town was thereafter separated from Manilva in 1795, being honoured by being granted the title of Villa. At a later period, Casares was the only town, apart from Cádiz, that the Napoleonic troops had not been able to take.

More recent history indicates the old village as the former birthplace of the father of Andalusian nationalism, Blas Infante Perez de Vargas, who was a labour lawyer, politician and writer. He was considered to be the largest historic figure in Andalucia. He was born in 1885 and died during pre war the civil struggle in 1936.

So if you want to visit the area of Costa Del Sol and stay in one of the many Casares apartments, why not look at the excellent choice of villas and apartments at Casares Del Sol

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