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Sample Car Hire Tour – Durban, South Africa

This article will give you ideas on choosing the best car rental for touring Durban, South Africa. I will tell you the things you need to know before deciding to settle for a particular agency so that you can get the best deal available.

Touring a city as large as this will take more than two days so you will be needing a car for a long period. Whilst car rental agencies do have daily rates and charges per km you will find some that are flexible and willing to offer cover charges for periods that are usually longer than two days.

You should know for how many days you will need the car and consider period you need it in. What I’m saying is that weekend rates and holiday rates for renting a car will be more expensive than renting the car at any other normal time. You can plan your trip to be outside these times. This will save you lots of money I assure you.

You need to bear in mind the terrain of the places you want to visit. Are you interested in an inter city tour or you might want to see a bit of the outside world.These things will determine the car that you choose also having fuel cost and consumption in mind. Having said that you can check out any of the following for some good deals:cheap car hire, cars to rent, car rentals gauteng

There are some tour operators that you could possibly sign up with but the trouble with tour operators is that everything is done according to their timetable. If you want a tour that will be flexible and accommodating then car rental is the way to go. Do a little research and compare the different agencies and don’t forget an online booking will get you a discount.

Best Car Hire Agencies

Certain things need to be considered when choosing a car rental agency. It is always best to plan your trip in advance and make your investigations about rates that are charged by the different companies.

Most companies will assure you that by making a reservation with them before you even arrive they will give you lower rates when in actual fact it is the opposite. Car charges are not constant and vary through out the year. So you must be quite clear on the conditions that are described to you and when they apply.

One thing that would really help is knowing how much you want to spend on renting the car, and the different sites that you intend to visit. Then you should be clear on your dates and how flexible you are on these dates. These facts will help you choose the right car and help you when you are negotiating as well.

The best way to make a car booking would be to do it online. Online bookings are convenient for the car rental agencies and they will offer you a discount for booking online. When you are getting your quote from the car rental ask if their cars have any add on features that you might require. Extra features like storage facilities, roof racks for luggage or sports equipment.

Car rentals will have daily rates for a limited number of km and then charge per km there after. For those renting the car for more than two days you can negotiate a cover charge for the whole period than pay for extra km’s travelled . Some will require you to pay for extra drivers whilst other just need you to have them written down only. What it comes down to is looking at the original deal, comparing it with others and then good negotiating skills. Some of the agencies that you might want to look are:

  1. Car Rental Sandton South Africa
  2. Car Hire Johannesburg For A Week
  3. First Car Rental South Africa

Choosing A Car Rental

It does not matter where you are if you are looking for a car the following guide will help you choose a suitable car rental company. Go through it and you will be able to make better choices.

The reason I wrote this article is that if you accessed car rental websites directly you will find the same confusing content. All of them will claim to be offering the best service. How then do you tell the difference. I will briefly highlight to you the things that you need to bear in mind when renting a car and some of the implications of choosing to rent.

This is so that when you do pick a car rental you know you’ve covered all the loose ends. A standard lease form is a long document that you are usually lazy to read through? Most of the time you read through the first few lines and it all sounds good and you hurriedly sign so that you get it over and done with. That would amount to a serious error in judgement. Signing this legal document means you agree to everything that is written in it.

The car rental agents will normally go through this information with you, well at least partially. There are terms and conditions that you need to pay attention to. It is easy to find yourself in breach of contract because you never went through the entire document. The lease agreements are not standard and will differ from agency to agency. So don’t assume that because you have rented a car before you know all there is to know. I recommend that you look up any of these for some good deals when it comes to car rental:cheap car hire randburg cheap 4×4 rental rent a car in pretoria

Choosing a car rental should not be something that you do when you get to the place where you are going to need the car. It should be done in advance and when there is still time to compare and choose.

Best Car Rental Agencies

Advance planning is the first step in getting a good car rental deal. Planning will give you an idea of how much you can spend and a chance to look at the available options and compare them.

Car rentals normally use daily charges for their rates so you need to be clear on how long you intend to rent the car for. For longer periods like two or three days you could get a cover charge that’s lower than the daily rate for the whole period combined. For example they would have a fixed rate for a weekly rental that would be cheaper than a 7 days daily rental.

You have to budget the amount of money that you are willing to spend on renting the car. This way you will be in a position to choose a suitable car in terms of size and fuel consumption. Actually most people do not know it but car rentals are not fixed. They vary according to the days of the week, the season and time of the year. The rates tend to be higher over weekends and holidays than the other periods

So plan your trip with this mind, if you are not restricted on the dates that you want to travel or can travel you will be able to get a good deal. Some car hire agencies belong to national associations like AA, if you are member you might qualify for a discount Take some time to compare the different agencies it will save you money.

If you have hired a car before do not make the mistake of thinking that all car rental registrations are standard. Go through the lease agreement in detail. Each company has its own set of guidelines that it abides by. If you’ve chosen a car rental make sure that you clearly understand the contract.You Will Be Able To Get Some Good Car Rental Deals From Any Of The Following Local Dealers: