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Be Inventive When Using Candle Making Glass

If you’re wondering about candle making glass and how you can make container candles, read this article in full.  We all have glassware at home; some we use for eating and drinking, and some we put on exhibit.  Most glassware, however, never see the light of day and continue to collect dust in our attics.  This is a common dilemma among glass jar and wine bottle collector.

You have a glut of great, unique stuff on display, but you don’t have the heart to toss away the stuff that you do not feel like using as decors or table ware.  Being a glass collector means so many individuals will send gifts, which means more unused clutter for your storage boxes.  Finding a use for all the items you do not want to place in your display shelves is a challenge.

Wine glass, beer glass, shot glass collectors the world over are dealing with more clutter than we can imagine.  Can these glasses be used for producing candles? Yes!  Read the next tips on how to make container candles using your old glass, some wax and a lot of creative thinking!

The easiest container variety to make is shot glass candle.  You only need a small amount of wax and a short candle wick.  If you want to have more fun, make ale glass homemade candles!  You will need colored wax and a longer wick for creating ale homemade candles.

If you’re the romantic sort, use wine glasses and wine bottles as your candle making glass material of choice.  Make no mistake of it, candle making is the best way to recycle the glassware you’re about to throw out.  Add these special candles to your dinner table during a sports party.  You may even give these candles away as party favors.

Be imaginative and dye the candle waxes according to the type of beverage you want to simulate.  The more creative you’re, the more you’ll enjoy creating container homemade candles using your old glasses.  Here are some more tips for you if you want to use your collectible glasses for candle making.  Melt candle wax evenly, but never over its boiling point.

As soon as the wax is evenly melted, turn off the heat and pour the candle wax.  You can recycle old candles, but make sure that you do not use different types at once.  You can use wax crayons for coloring materials, but make sure to use crayons sparingly if you want your homemade candles to be functional.  A large amount of crayon wax can reduce the heat or even prevent your candle from burning properly.

See-through glasses are best if you want to use dyed wax.
Use appropriate dyes for your designs.  Use brown and yellow dyes to simulate the look of ale in a glass for your beer candles.  After you are done installing the candle wick and cooling the wax, trim the wick before you light the candle.  Bulky glasses are safer to use than fine ones.  Be careful not to use too breakable glass for candle making because the flame can destroy your glassware.

Add cautionary labels to your jar candles if you’re sending them out as presents.  Don’t let the candle burn all the way to the base of the glass.  Design your candle and position the wick properly so flame will not touch the sides of the glass.  Be sure to use heat resilient containers for melting and pouring the wax.  Acrylic or durable plastic may get distorted.

Here is more information on Candle Making Jars. Here is a website with a free mini-course dedicated to Candle Making.