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Advantages of Buying a Business for Sale by Owner

FSBO or Businesses ‘For Sale By Owner’

Today, a lot of people put their businesses up for sale. There are those who seek the assistance of a business broker. In hiring a business broker, you will be able to save time and effort. A business broker is no different than a realtor in the housing industry; they are paid by commission for handling a business transaction. While sellers benefit from businesses for sale by owner, it is the buyers who get even more benefits so long as they know what to look for in businesses for sale by owner. Buying a business is easy when you know where to look. Check out GlobalBX.com – they have over 40,000 business for sale listings and franchise opportunities. Best of all it’s a FREE site! 

Benefits of purchasing businesses for sale by owner

If you are interested to buy a business for sale by owner, the following are the benefits you can expect based on the different aspects of FSBO:

Selling price – FSBO deals are abundant in the market for many sellers do not prefer to hire the services of a business broker. Actual market value already includes sales commission. Take this for example – ABC Company is offered for sale at $250,000 with a 10 percent commission for the business broker. As such, the seller only sees $225,000 from that sale. While it is unlikely for the buyer to convince the seller to give in at that lowered price, he might actually ask the seller to split the difference. In the end, the buyer may just get lucky with a $12,500 savings, which is not bad at all.

Equipment – A business for sale by owner typically includes tools and equipment that are important to the operation of the business. It can be a big hassle for the buyer to spend additional money on replacing computers, printers, fixtures, and furniture. The buyer can ask the seller to give lower values on such items as these were purchased for some years already. In an FSBO transaction, the seller will most likely include all equipment in the deal, while the broker will insist that the buyer should pay for the fair-market price of every item included in a business for sale.

Inventory – With a business for sale by owner, the buyer can acquire items and equipment that are priced below market resale value, and the seller can get rid of equipment in his business as fast as possible.  

The financing – Not many buyers can purchase a business outright. Securing financing assistance is a must if resources are not enough to acquire a business. Financial assistance for purchasing a business usually comes from a credit union or from a bank. You may also use your retirement fund, borrow money from your relatives and friends, or look for a suitable business partner or co-investors. In the case of buying small businesses for sale by owner, you won’t have to go through the options mentioned above, because the best financial assistance provider you have is the seller of the business. Almost all FSBO businesses you can find these days offer seller financing. The rate is usually below the market’s current rate. The payment terms of small businesses for sale by owner are more lenient than what banks and credit institutions typically provide.  

The expertise – All business owners should be all knowing about their company, the industry, and the customers. Once they have decided to sell their business, a lot of sellers offer to stay for a while until the new owner adjusts to the process and management of the business. Ask the seller of the business for advice. The seller is the only person you can turn to when it comes to learning the basics and everyday works of the business. Asking for the seller’s advice can help you in successfully purchasing a business for sale by owner.

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All About Business Payroll Software

Living in the digital era, manually managing your payroll is unnecessary and inefficient. There are various payroll software solutions in the market today that can efficiently assist owners in payroll tasks. These are really highly specialized software solutions. These are not only affordable, but these software solutions have no unnecessary features. As a guide for your payroll solutions concerns, below is a list of the best payroll services that you can use for your business: Buying a business or finding any business related information is easy when you know where to look. Check out GlobalBX.com – they have over 36,618 businesses for sale as well as complete resources for all business owners and entrepreneurs. Best of all it’s a FREE site! Payroll services review Small business payroll software solutions give you several options, ranging from expensive and comprehensive in-house business payroll software to cheap yet highly dependable online services. The highly recommended software products available these days are as follows: 1. QuickBooks – This is a simple and efficient accounting and payroll software solution that features multiple payroll options. This software is priced at around $100 to $300 a year. It is highly recommended to entrepreneurs who own small businesses yet prefer to use extensive payroll solutions. QuickBooks also offers Online Payroll services at $29.95 a month. 2. SurePayroll – An online payroll service that a business can buy and use for only $45 every month. It combines well with other desktop accounting tools. It can also organize and file tax returns. SurePayroll is also available to represent you before the IRS if issues ever arise. 3. XpressPayroll – A convenient and easy to use small business oriented online payroll service. It processes payroll very conveniently. It can also file taxes, create reports, as well as process direct deposit payments. 4. Paychex’s Online Payroll – This is basically a comprehensive set of web-based business payroll services that cover simple and complex payroll management features. With this online tool, you can effectively manage all compensation and 401(k) plans of your employees. With over eight years of experience in the field, you can definitely trust Paychex’s Online Payroll for your company’s payroll needs. 5. PayCycle, Inc. – The company offers online business payroll service that is used by more than 50,000 small businesses in various industries today. The company’s online payroll tool can handle health savings account and pre-tax contributions. It also has an electronic filing option for IRS Form 944. 6. ADP (Automatic Data Processing) Inc. – The company the gives data processing tools to medium and large enterprises. EasyPay is the small business payroll tool of the company. It has different types of services like payroll envelope preparation, direct deposit payments, and filing, depositing, and reporting of payroll taxes. 7. Peachtree – This is an integrated package that offers a small business payroll module. This software can conveniently file local and federal states taxes; calculate payroll; process direct deposit; and deliver checks. 8. A widely reputed online payroll service provider. It specializes in various industries, including restaurant, retail, legal, and accounting. The company also promises its customers a two-hour call back guarantee. 9. PayUSA Inc. – This company has more than 40 years of expertise in the industry.~PayUSA Inc. – A company that has more than 40 years of experience in the industry.~PayUSA Inc. – A company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.~PayUSA Inc. – A company that has over 40 years of experience in its industry.~PayUSA Inc. – This company has over 40 years of expertise in the field.} It showcases its trademark service “Payroll in a Flash” that is well-regarded for speed and convenience. 10. Wells Fargo Business Payroll Services – This is a convenient payroll service that is capable of printing checks and processing deposits. It can also manage tax deposits and send W-2 and 1099 forms to your staff. Choosing the best business payroll software Take note that in buying or subscribing to a small business payroll service, the price is not the only factor you ought to consider. The company’s expertise and their ability to represent you before the IRS during difficult situations are the among the factors you need to take into account. You may need to check references and reviews regarding the company’s services to make sure that its payroll service suits your business needs and preferences. Here are the important features to consider as you choose a business payroll software: • Automatic tax calculations • Handling of federal forms • Customization options • Security • Convenience and simplicity • Check printing • Business reports generation • Direct deposit • Technical assistance Remember you do not need a costly accounting package if you are just a start-up company. On the other hand, relying on small business payroll software that is less expensive and lacks major features can also be useless. GlobalBX.com provides a FREE businesses for sale exchange connecting business buyers, sellers and lenders. 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