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Toddler Bedding For Boys – What To Take Into Consideration

When thinking of decorating the room for a toddler boy, take into account that it needs to be robust as the bed and it’s toddler bedding for boys will definitely become a highlight of the play area of the little boy’s bedroom, especially when friends are around.

There are wonderful composite beds available for babies, toddlers and children that will even carry the child right into their teens and eventually be left behind as a spare bed for guests when the boy has grown into a man and left home.

Parents enjoy using calm sailing themes in blue and white for their toddler sons. But toddler boys will probably prefer the bright reds of steam-train engines or one of their favorite characters such as Pooh Bear.

From this base, crafters and shoppers alike can create wonderful themes for toddler bedding for boys. The theme can be put into place before the child is even born and as soon as the sex of a boy is confirmed in pregnancy.

Themes can include Jungle, plaid, bright neon colors, nursery and television themes such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Winnie the Pooh (a great favorite). Pirates, sailing, boat, night themes with stars, trains, planes, cars and trucks – the list is endless. The theme of the bedding of the duvet cover, sheet and pillow case can be continued on the walls of the little boy’s room, the carpeting and the floors.

Consider the fact that your toddler son will at some stage be learning to use the potty and trying to stay dry at night. With some little boys, bed-wetting can last for quite a number of years depending on genetic and/or environmental factors. Prepare for this with spongy, aerated mattresses which can be covered with linen savers. These are easy to clean and dry.

Remember that no pillow is actually necessary for toddler bedding until your little boy is about 2 years of age. Consider as well the fact that all toddlers bedding for your son should be non-allergenic. That means no feather pillows or eiderdowns. Stick to synthetic products marked with a hypo-allergenic label for the mattress, duvet, pillow (or pillows). That way you will avoid a lot of problems with childhood allergies and that is important for a restful and comfortable sleep.

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