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Formal Baby Boy Clothes

Boys may not enjoy playing dress-up as much as girls, but when the occasion arises, they must find a way to still make it work. To make it a little easier on you and your baby boy make sure to keep a couple formal ensembles on hand for a night on the town.

You may think it is expensive and pointless to keep a wardrobe fill of formal baby clothes on hand but think again. Can you even count the number times you’ve had to scramble for an outfit last minute? You can save yourself the trouble by having a small wardrobe of formal basics that can be easily mixed and matched. Just having a few things on hand can save you time when your crazy aunt calls for a Sunday brunch or for all the holiday parties that spring up at the busiest time of year.

Your first move should be the tuxedo, the ultimate formal outfit, then move onto a dark colored blazer in navy or black. From there, a few pairs of quality-pressed khaki pants, button-up shirts, and ties should do the trick in putting together an outfit that is formally presentable while not consuming a lot of time. Be sure to keep a sizeable set of shirts in neutral patterns and colors. You’ll want to be able to match so look for red, blue, cream, white and navy as these color go with pretty much anything. Thin vertical stripes and even checker-prints can look tasteful when paired with neutral pants and jacket. Save the shirts with outrageous patterns for special themed parties or other events where they would be more acceptable.

The trick to really make formal baby boy clothes work is the right accessories. Tennis shoes and flip-flops are not acceptable! Keep a pair of shiny black dress shoes in leather or patent to go with the tuxedo or any outfit with the blazer jacket. Its wise to keep a pair of slightly less formal shoes on hand like a pair of tan or chestnut loafers for those events that you still need a more formal feel for. This is particularly appropriate for and outdoor event where more formal clothes can be damaged or be too uncomfortable. Knowing baby boys and their restlessness, a comfortable option in dress shoes is an important thing to keep on hand.

Formal baby boy clothes shouldn’t be a huge hassle or headache (that’s what formal baby girl clothes are for!) its easy to find a wide selection of boy clothes and even easier to mix and match them. Get started on your baby boys formal wardrobe before it’s too late!