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What To Look For While Selecting A Crib Mattress For You Baby

Expecting a new born is a very exciting time for both parents especially the mother. A lot of time, energy and money is spent on shopping and setting up the nursery for the baby being expected. One of these item is the baby’s mattress for the crib. It is not as exciting for parents as it is with baby cribs, but its just as important a task. This decision determines the safety and comfort of your baby. I will explain in this article, what to look for in a mattress while buying it.

The first thing to consider is the safety element of the mattress you are considering. Select a mattress that is firms and fits the walls of the crib tightly. There should not be too much space between the mattress and the walls of the crib. You would not always know how much space is ideal. Here is a good way to determine if the crib is the right size. If you can fit in two of your fingers side to side between the walls of the crib and the mattress, thats the red flag. For example a crib with Bonavita LaMadre will need a mattress of 52 by 28.

If there are spaces in between, that will pose a safety hazard for the baby. Most cribs and their mattresses come in standard sizes. Therefore this might not be a problem for you if you are buying s standard sized crib. You will discover that the standard size which is most widely used for mattresses is 51 5/8″ by 27 1/4″.

What ever brand of mattresses you purchase, as a parent you should pay close attention to this. Most parents overlook this issue in their excitement to buy more interesting purchases. This may be the cause of pain an injury to your baby later on if in your haste, you end up buying the wrong size.