BNB Chain Developers Schedule Hard Fork Dubbed Luban on June 12

The growth of BNB and the underlying chain is largely connected with the ongoing regulatory scrutiny, especially in the United States The BNB Smart Chain (BSC), a leading smart contract blockchain developed by the leading centralized exchange Binance with about $4.45 billion in total value locked, is expected to have a hard fork on its … Read more

BNB Chain L2 Boba Network Achieves Record Transaction Volume in April

Boba said its users on BNB Chain are saving around 80% on transaction fees by using its network. Boba Network said today its Layer-2 scaling solution had achieved mass adoption on Binance’s BNB Chain, with its transaction volume more than quadrupling in April compared to the previous month. The network’s developers revealed that Boba processed … Read more

Hundreds of Fake ChatGPT Tokens Issued on BNB Chain and ETH as AI Popularity Surges

Illicit market participants are cashing in on the soaring popularity of ChatGPT by issuing fake tokens on several blockchains.  According to reports, no-gooders are taking advantage of the ongoing ChatGPT rave by issuing fake tokens. These malicious market participants have issued fake tokens branded after ChatGPT in the past few weeks. 132 of these bogus tokens saw … Read more