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How To Have The Blog X-Factor

There are so many blogs out there covering all sorts of topics – some personal, some general, some helpful, some interest-based – on and on it goes and the list grows exponentially everyday.  Bloggers can write about the same things, but there will always be that one blog that stands out from the rest of the bunch.

Let’s find out what makes a blog stand out from the rest of the crowd. The blog ‘x-factor’ – a unique quality that other blogs can keep imitating but will never be as good.

Here are 5 things you can apply to your blogging techniques:

1. Give the blog its own voice. Just like famous authors, bloggers can also have their own signature voice. Do you have a distinct voice when you write? Are you satisfied with your blog’s voice?

Creating a voice gives a blog character. There are blogs that sound like your friend, others may sound like your teacher, your parent or the librarian.

Write spontaneously to naturally bring out your writing voice. The blog will sound more natural that way. Sincere writing is probably the best form of writing when it comes to blogging. It proves that the blogger is real. A style may work for one blogger, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for others, too.

2. Inject humor. Blogs differ from news articles and fiction pieces because these contain first-hand accounts written from the blogger’s own point of view. But simply laying down the details of your first tattoo experience, for example, won’t win your readers over.

Bloggers need to go the extra mile to be remembered – you can choose to give more information or just present things in a satisfactory way. Since humor sells like pancakes on a Sunday morning, it’s not a bad idea to use some. You can go for witty words that tickle the imagination, but if you’re like me who’s not so good at that, you can opt for a funny image instead.

3. Spice up your storytelling. Innovate the way you present your story. This technique also improves the blog’s character. Don’t just settle for the usual we-came-we-conquered approach. Roll up your sleeves and try to find ways to innovate your piece.

Sprinkle general topics with your personal input to make the piece yours. Cite real-life examples to give your readers a feel of what your experience was like. Readers will be able to relate well with your blog entry if you write it from the heart.

There are also unorthodox ways to write which you can try. I’ve seen bloggers post open letters (some real, some fiction), mystery posts, backward chronology of events and even misleading introductions. These types of entries will surely keep a reader engaged.

4. Showcase your visuals. Blogging and photography is a match made in heaven. A blog comes to life when images are added onto it.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer. You can survive with a simple point-and-shoot or, heck, a camera-phone. The important thing is to have relevant images with the text. Food blogs, for instance, are more authentic (and enticing) when a photos are in place.

5. Don’t forget your readers. People have varied reasons for keeping a blog. Some do it for fun, others do it for money. What ever the case may be, always be true to yourself and your readers.

As a blog becomes well-known, more offers for advertising, guest posts and sponsored posts arrive. To maintain your blog’s character, be mindful when accepting such offers. Make sure only quality articles make it to your blog.

Another thing that you’d most likely encounter on the way to popularity is SEO (search engine optimization). There may be SEO guides that would teach you how to write for search engines. Just try not to overdo things.

It doesn’t take a professional writer to have a stand out blog. A blogger just has to be authentic and creative to win the popularity race.

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