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Fun Ideas To Announce Your Pregnancy To Friends And Family

Whether you just found out that you are pregnant or maybe you have known for a few months, announcing your pregnancy to family and friends can be a lot of fun. Some may want to wait until a certain time during their pregnancy, while others want to call everyone immediately after finding out themselves.

Ways To Tell The Father:
You could have a romantic dinner date for two with candle lights, it may be your last time for a while, between morning sickness and raising your little one. Serve up baby carrots, baby back ribs and anything else you can think as baby. At the end, pour apple juice instead of wine and hand him a present. Inside you can have a tiny baby onesythat says, “I heart My Daddy” or a pair of baby booties.

If you can’t tell the father right away because he’s away on business, or deployed try sending him a care package. Inside the box place a several baby items, everything in blue and pink and a baby naming book in the middle. Place a note on top of the book with, “I need a name soon, I’ll be here by June.” Or whenever the baby is expected to arrive.

You can also see how long it takes him to figure it out. Go to the All A Dollar store and get a bunch of small baby items, a bib, rattle, bottle, booties, etc. For a week, leave an item laying around the house where he is bound to find them. At the end of the week if he still has not figured it out yet, prepare a larger gift. Have a large teddy bear sitting at the dinner table in the seat beside him, make sure there is a bib wrapped around him and maybe a sign that says Hi Daddy.
How To Tell Family and Friends:
Show up to a family party wearing a shirt that announces your state. These days there are a ton of shirts out there with clever sayings, “Baby on Board,” “A Bun in the Oven,” or something related to the pregnancy. The moment you walk in or take off your coat everyone will figure it out without you ever having to say a word. Now, get ready for the tears and excitement. You’ll be answering a ton of questions.If you already have children you may want to call the grandparents up and tell them that the next Christmas they may want to add one more to the list.
If this is the only grandchild, you may want to get a bracelet link for your mom that reads, “#1 Grandma” or grandparent t-shirts. This will not only be a fun present for them but something they will cherish and love forever.
No matter when you spread the news it can be a lot of fun, just try to be creative and let the pieces fall. You may even want to try catching all of it on video, so think ahead and prepare for the BIG moment, and I’m not meaning the birth.

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