Fed Swells Its Balance Sheet by $300 Billion in Wake of Crisis, All Monetary Tightening Efforts in Vain?

As the Fed intervenes in order to prevent a crisis in the US banking system, analysts answer whether the Fed has chosen to pivot from its quantitative tightening measures. The banking crisis last week in the US pushed Wall Street to the edge giving glimpses of yet another 2008-like financial crisis. However, the Fed and … Read more

Stripe Valued at $50 Billion after $6.5 Billion Raise

Stripe has retained its entity as a privately owned enterprise over the past ten years, despite persistent speculations about an IPO. Payment processor Stripe raised $6.5 billion at a $50 billion valuation, the firm announced, with a steep discount from its record valuation of $95 billion in 2021. According to the press release, the company … Read more

Apollo among Investors Eyeing $73.6 Billion of Loans Held by SVB

In other SVB-related news, the Financial Group, which was the holding company of SVB, is exploring ways to sell off its other units. Private equity company Apollo Global Management is reportedly interested in the book of loans held by the now-collapsed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The bank has made several headlines over the past week … Read more

President Biden’s Budget Blueprint Will Propose Changing the Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrency Transactions, Raising $24 Billion

The proposed Biden budget plan would close the current harvesting loophole on crypto tax losses, reducing wash sales trading. According to reports, US President Joe Biden’s new budget plan could close tax loss harvesting on crypto transactions. A White House official confirmed that the budget, set to be revealed today, will include a tax provision meant to reduce … Read more