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How to Make Simple Beaded Anklet

Making Simple Beaded Anklet

Make Simple Beaded Anklet

When you first begin to make your own jewelry more frequently than not it starts out as a pastime, but can quickly grow into a small business.  It’s vital to understand that learning easy projects like beaded anklets are a potential source of earnings.  Even if you have no intention of starting a business always keep in mind that it’s a likelihood, and thus you want to ask at this stage as you are learning your trade, is good customer service important?

In some ways the answer is yes, not only to provide work on time to increase purchaser potential, but also providing quality workmanship will always bring repeat shoppers. 

In making beaded jewelry to customize our look from top to tail, we usually wish to make a total body jewelry accessory from a straightforward pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, watch, and anklet.  Each of this stuff has its own instruction on how to do it.  Here a straightforward instruction on the best way to make an easy beaded Anklet :

Materials needed are :

Small safety pins ( add number of pins that has the same size )

Choose large colorful beads that with a hole size that may go through the safety pins links

Small colorful beads with a hole size that will go through the safety pin’s pointy end

Elastic thin string

The first thing to do is to string the beads on the safety pins one by one when you’re almost about to reach the link, adding the large beads.  You need to twist and turn the safety pin when you reach the link, this will permit you to bump through the little beads to the other of the safety pin.  After that, string the huge beads on the link.  After finishing, close the safety pins to their own buckle.  Just keep doing the same step for the rest of other best and safety pins. 

After creating numbers of it, use a succession of elastic and run it through the links of the safety pins on one side and tie it together, make sure to test it first, try to make it pass through your feet until to your ankle without breaking.  Using the second elastic string on the other side, run the safety pins buckle through the same way that it will pass through your feet.  And that is it, as straightforward as that you have now your home made beaded anklet.  If you want, you can also create a smaller one to make it a bracelet.  You can select different colors for your design, and to match your different types of garments also. 

After you find out how to make a few different items of jewelry, it will not take long for you to be in a position to turn your jewelry making into a profitable hobby.  You do not need to supply thousands of different products, as long as the ones you make are of top quality and look good.  As your abilities improve so will your confidence in selling your jewelry and then you may look to other areas to sell your designs. 

Doing a search on Google you may find lots of excellent advice on where to sell, the easiest way to sell, how to increase home party sales and so on.  It is important at this point as you are learning new techniques, to realize that you have potential to become a self-employed jewelry maker.  For now you may only see it as a hobby, but bear in mind that if you have some talent you can make it a lot more than only a hobby.