European Central Bank (ECB) Finalizes Digital Euro Prototype Ahead of Potential CBDC Launch

The ECB has finalized its digital euro prototype scheme as it mulls whether to roll out the government-backed token.  The European Central Bank (ECB) has finalized a digital euro prototype ahead of a development decision. Later this year, the leading central bank would decide whether to develop the fiat euro as a digital variant. According … Read more

Bank of Brazil Includes 14 Participants in Its CBDC Pilot

The Brazil Central Bank Digital Currency will initially focus on wholesale interbank transaction payment solutions. Banco Central do Brasil (the Central Bank of Brazil) plans to include more participants in its digital currency scheme. The list, released by the bank on May 24, includes the names of all the participants with whom the CBDC digital … Read more

Starling Bank CEO to Step Down on June 30th after 10 Years in Charge

Starling CEO Anne Boden agrees to step down from the role at the British neobank next month over ‘conflict of interest’ concerns.  According to reports, Starling Bank co-founder and CEO Anne Boden will step down at the end of next month. Chief operating officer John Mountain is replacing Boden at the helm of the British … Read more

Revolut UK Banking License Application Faces Rejection by Bank of England

Amid financial scrutiny, UK fintech giant Revolut faces rejection for its long-running banking license application.  Revolut is facing a possible rejection of its UK banking license application submitted to the Bank of England (BoE). The British neobank’s long-standing application for a UK banking license appears to be in jeopardy and could cause a big blow to the … Read more

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Defies IMF’s Warning, Sells $39M Worth of Gold-backed Digital Tokens

Zimbabwe seeks to use gold-backed crypto tokens to salvage the country’s economic situation. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has dammed any potential consequences by selling 14 billion Zimbabwean dollars ($39 million) worth of gold-backed digital tokens. That is despite an earlier warning it received from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to go ahead with … Read more