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Baby Sun Hat – Protect Your Toddler

As a society, we become more and more aware of sun damage done in our childhood. It’s often one of the causes of skin cancer in adults. If we don’t want our little ones to get skin cancer, we have to protect them with sun hats and protective clothing.

A child is very vunlerable to the sun but can’t protect itself. It’s our duty to give our babies the protection they need.

Probably the best way to protect your toddler is with a baby sun hat. They are made of a special fabric that protects them against dangerous sun rays. Read some articles on UVA and UVB sun rays if you want to know more about how exactly the sun can damage the skin of our children and cause cancer later on.

But this articles is not about skin cancer, it’s about baby sun hats.

I want to give you a checklist of the most important factors to look for in a baby sun hat to protect your toddler from the burning sun rays.

Let’s start.

A baby sun hat with UVA/UVB protection.

You simply HAVE to have protection against UVA and UVB rays in your hat? This is vital! Look for protection that is similar to the protection given by a 50+ sunscreen.

Sun hats for babies that have a wide brim.

Don’t make the mistake to overlook the neck of your baby. That’s why it’s important to get a baby sun hat with a brim that covers the neck area.

The best hat to get here is the Legionnaire style hat. Although you might now favor its look, I can still highly recommend it. It’s simply the best protection you can get for the child’s neck.

A baby sun hat that they will want to wear.

Lastly, make sure your baby actually likes the hat. If that is not the case, your little one might take of the hat if you look away. Don’t force a hat on your baby just to get the job done – this will send the wrong signal. Don’t be like those parents who just force their own will on their helpless babies – that’s not what good parents do.

I hope you got some value from this article.

Remember, sun protection is important, don’t take it lightly!