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Top Choices Of Baby Muslim Girl Name

One of the most common questions is regarding the beliefs of the Muslims; what do Muslims believe? The first is the declaration of faith, stating with complete belief and sincerity that “there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah (God) and that Muhammad is His prophet and messenger.

” The second pillar is prayer, a Muslim is required to pray at a minimum of five times per day at specified times: dawn, mid-day, afternoon, sunset and evening. Ramadan is a month of fasting and prayer, a time to re-dedicate oneself to Allah and Islam. The next important subject is faith; what is faith? To believe in Allah, which is the Arabic name for God for Christians, Jews and Muslims, means to believe in him as He commands.

Tawhid is a fundamental belief in Islam, which is the oneness of God. Muslims do not believe in a trinity, nor do they believe that God is everywhere. Muslims believe that God is one, indivisible, and that He is above the seven heavens. How? God exists before and after His creations, God does not resemble any of His creation, and any image that you can imagine does not resemble God.

Belief in the angels is another tenet of faith. Muslims do not believe that Satan was a fallen angel because angels are completely obedient to Allah. This has happened 124,000 times since the creation of man according to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but we only know the names of the 25 mentioned in the Qur’an.

Islam is not some new religion, it is the aforementioned adoration accomplished by all of the prophets and messengers; adoration alone one God. God is the only judge, even a Muslim isn’t guaranteed a free pass to Heaven. God may or may not forgive any person of any sin. Muslims believe that Allah has a will, and man has a will, but Allah’s will overrides man’s.

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