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Choosing Your Crib And Baby Bedding

For most couples, the news of a baby fills their hearts with joy, and each day is filled with excitement. It is a new challenge that each couple must face. They will have to determine how much they can spend and what they need to purchase. Every day will bring new excitement.

The first thing most parents look for is a baby crib. This may become your most time consuming task. It may take hours to sort through the different styles and designs in order to find just the right one for your baby. Why not look at regular baby cribs first?

Most people, who haven’t had the job before, think that choosing a crib is an easy task. That is because they don’t realize the myriad of options that are available and the choices parents have to make. They have to decide between drop and fixed sides, wheels or stationary legs, how much to spend and whether or not they need a fixed mattress height or an adjustable one.

Then to make matters more difficult there is a convertible baby crib white. The color white gives the appearance of cleanliness. It will go with whatever color you choose to paint your baby’s room, and it will work for a boy or a girl.

An advantage to convertible baby cribs is they convert to larger beds as the child grows. Some of these cribs only convert to toddler beds, while others go all the way to double bed size. It sounds wonderful, but their price is considerably higher.

The disadvantages outnumber the advantages. You will have to go through the whole process of finding a crib again if you have another baby. There are other expenses, too. Conversion kits must be purchased for each conversion, and they are quite expensive.

The next step is to choose the style of bedding for your crib. If you are planning to have a little boy, Disney baby bedding is the perfect choice. Choose a set with a blue background and boyish Disney characters. Purchase a second set so you will have a change. These sets will give your nursery a finished and waiting look.

If you are planning on having a little girl, choose ladybug baby bedding. There is nothing cuter and more feminine than a ladybug. There are multiple colors to choose from. There are so many articles with ladybugs that you may want to use them for the d’cor in your nursery.

The most exciting time of a couple’s life is when they discover they are expecting a baby. There is no reason to rush when you start looking for a crib and bedding. Choose items that will make your baby’s nursery unique.