Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 to Incorporate Play-to-Earn Model Featuring Crypto

Recent leaks suggest that the upcoming GTA 6 video game could adopt play-to-earn gaming mechanics that see gamers earn crypto in real life.  According to reports, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 could adopt a play-to-earn gaming and business model. Yesterday, a tweet hinted at this development, as the successful gaming franchise is rumored to release the … Read more

Tesla Contributed 25% of Total Auto Production in Shanghai Last Year

Local media outlets say that Tesla’s 2022 auto production made up 25% of total automotive production in Shanghai. According to Chinese local media reports, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) cars accounted for approximately a quarter of all auto production in Shanghai last year. The US EV automaker’s 25% automotive production value in 2022 underscores the pace of its … Read more

Fed Interest Rate Hikes Impact Everything from Credit Cards to Student, Auto, and Home Loans

While inflation may be slowing, Americans are groaning under the direct and indirect impact of the Fed increasing the interest rate. The US Federal Reserve (Fed) has continued raising the interest rate and on Wednesday increased the rate by another 0.25 percentage point, causing worry about the potential impact. The apex agency has been trying … Read more