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An Approach to Educating Child with Autism

Boy with autism

An Approach to Educating Child with Autism: Just Believe

It is in the manner of perception that we can either work our way out of a problem or say that our trip just ended. Many times have we experienced giving up and say in the end that if we only held tight to the rope then we could have risen to victory.

Autism is just the same. Superficially, we may perceive that we cannot find our way to work the problem of our child out. But there are endless possibilities, if only you believe.

It is the way we think that will affect our actions to things. It is the approach we use in determining what will work for us and what will not. It all lies in patience and faith in whatever we do. Just be patient in waiting what truly awaits your child and you. Just be patient and you will find what truly troubles your son or your daughter. Just be patient and your child will be the one to tell you the cure for his or her condition.

Educating a child with autism is deemed next to impossible. If you as a parent believe in that too, you will find that your child’s case is an impossible to handle problem. A child with autism can learn, only in different manners. Your trip cant be over when he cant understand a word you say or he doesn’t get the meaning of what is an a or b. Somehow, your role is to find the ways by which he may easily catch up with things.

He learns at his own pace and at his own time. You can’t hasten him to ripen when his time hasn’t come yet. You have to be patient and really take him to the step-by-step manner of educating him. You can’t just say to him things at one time and expect that they already have registered in his mind. If ìpractice makes perfect idea is trueî then this time, believe in it. Your methods on educating your child may not be perfect or the results may not yield out perfectly but at least, the little things you have done to help him learn will make his life a bit more meaningful.

If it is behavior that you are dealing with, then it is best that you modify your behavior too. Since we are already oriented with the world of reason it takes courage to do just that. Helping your child would mean defying what is normal. If you must: act childish. That way, you can better communicate with your child.

There is no standard approach to educating children with autism. After all, each child with autism displays a behavior different from that, which is shown by another. The spectrum is too wide that is why there is no way to categorize children displaying autistic features. Nonetheless, it is you who know your child best. You may not know the nature of his sufferings exactly but the compassion you have and your commitment to love will spar you to take your child to newer heights of learning.

He can’t forever stay with learning ABC’s or 123s. Somehow, he has to learn better. But this certainly doesn’t mean that you have to force him to learn.

As you might have concluded by now, a child with autism does not learn in ways similar to that of normal children. This is inevitable since their brain works in ways dissimilar with the normal brain. Add to this the fact that they are impaired with certain behaviors that are crucial in proper learning. Before you can truly go deep to their brain, you have to eliminate barriers such as compulsive and repetitive behaviors that often go beyond hurting their own bodies.

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Difference between Aspergers Symtoms and Autism

Many parents these days are asking what is  the difference between  Aspergers Syndrome and Autism

Here’s a brief explanation of what the main differences are.


Autism is a spectrum disorder – which  means that the signs and the severity of symptoms can vary significantly from person to person. It usually begins at a young age and causes delays to regular development of skills.

The main areas in which autism symptoms can be seen are:

Communication – both verbal and non-verbal, such as eye contact, facial expressions and body language.

General Behaviors- repetition of actions, phrases and routines are common as are following strict organization patterns.

Social Behaviors – people with autism struggle with expressing emotions, relating to other peoples emotions and holding conversations. They have a tendency to withdraw from social interaction and can over-react to what we would consider a normal situation.

Physical interaction can also cause problems for an autistic child, they may dislike the feeling of being touched or will only allow themselves to be hugged in a certain way.

People with autism can also display abnormal sensory perception. For example, a normal sound may seem extremely loud and even painful to an autistic child.

Smells may also cause problems with scents that are pleasant to you and I causing those with autism to gag.

Autistic children also tend to favor rigid objects and toys such as metal cars rather than soft toys like teddy bears, some even show pain from touching a stuffed animal.

It is not true that all individuals who develop autism show retardation.

Aspergers Symptoms

People with Asperger’s Syndrome display autistic characteristics like obsessive behaviors or lack of social and communication skills. And like autism, the severity and level of these symptoms will vary from one person to another.

Asperger’s is also usually noticed at a later age, with social and communication problems less severe than with autism. Verbal IQ is usually higher than physical IQ and clumsiness tends to be more common.

They do not show delayed skills. In fact, one of the symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome is having a normal IQ. As a result, people with Aspergers Disorder are sometimes called “higher-functioning” autistics.

People with Aspergers usually have good language skills, but their use of language can be awkward and speech patterns can be unusual, without inflection or changes in tone or pitch.

The subtleties of language, such as irony and humor can be lost on someone with Asperger’s and they may struggle to understand how a conversation should flow.

It is hard to generalize ASD ’s, but two main differences between Autism and Asperger’s seem to be:

1. People with Aspergers tend to have a normal or sometimes a high IQ.

2. There will not be a speech delay in people with Aspergers Syndrome.

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