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Tips to Be Adept at Putting Backspin on the Golf BallStraightforward Ways which Will Let You Impart Backspin on a Golf Ball

Attempting to create backspin on the ball is something every golfer want to achieve, but few can.  It requires a pure strike on the golf ball, satisfactory club head pace, plus a knowledge of what you are trying to do.  But when you are able to accomplish this shot, it’ll do help your make other ways on how to spin a golf ball (click here for more information).

Things you need to consider when you are going to create backspin on the golf ball:

1. The golf ball.  The ball ought to have a soft casing, because the soft cover will let the grooves of the golf club for deeper penetration with the golf ball.  This would allow additional time for the ball to remain with the clubface (even when it is a millisecond), which can give the clubface additional time to impart golf ball spin on the ball.

2. The lie of your golf ball.  The golf ball must have a good lie, as any impediment like grass or leaves, especially when they’re wet, is going to significantly hinder the ability to spin the ball. 

3. Your set-up.   Put your golf ball to the center, or slightly back from center of the stance.  Place most of your weight, approximately two-thirds, on your front foot.  All this will naturally cause a steeper swing path to the ball.  Open the stance slightly, and open the clubface just a little, which will prevent the clubface from digging into the ground.  Instead it’ll produce a bouncing outcome from the ground and into your golf ball.

4. The golf swing.  When you swing downward and through the ball, maintain an open clubface as much as you can.  This will increase the period of time the grooves of the club are going to be on the ball, allowing it to grab your ball.  As the clubface contacts the ball then cuts underneath it, reverse spin, or backspin will be imparted on your golf ball.

5. Other factors to think about.  It will be less difficult for backspin while working into a headwind and if the golf greens are soft, and obviously will work more effectively if the green slopes toward you.  Also, the higher loft with the golf club, such as that with a club like a sand wedge loft, the greater backspin you will be able to get. 

The entire thought while trying to put a great deal of backspin on your ball would be to create the maximum contact, or put in a different way friction on your golf ball.  The friction would be able to trigger your golf ball to spin.  Since the momentum of the clubface goes forward and we would like the ball to spin backward, making this all work will be quite a bit more complicated.  So think of the action the same as striking a match to light it.  You’d obviously want to keep the head of the match on the surface for as long as possible to generate the most friction.  That is what we are going to attempt to accomplish when we produce backspin. For more on how to execute these shots, check out golf chipping tips.

One last small secret I’ll leave you with, and that is using an older golf club having rusty grooves is found to give extra backspin on the golf ball.  I’ve this old sand wedge I picked up in 1970 at Ft. Benning, Georgia at the time I was stationed there.  Clearly it is showing its age, but it will really create backspin on a ball.  Is it illegal?  Well, I have never inquired, and I’m never going to.