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Some Facts About Artificial Flowers

Permanent Botanicals’ are more commonly referred to as artificial flowers or silk flowers. They have been available in the market place as an alternative to fresh flowers for a many years. Artificial flowers have always been a very popular alternative for the real thing within businesses such as hotels, restaurants and offices.Nowadays however, they are not only used commercially, they are as popular with people who wish to use them at home to enhance their decor.   Artificial stems, sprays, bunches & bouquets are made with quality materials and look extremely realistic,  so much so that a second look is often required to determine if they are real or not.

Artificial Flowers have become a highly sought after interior decorative accessory and are used on a large scale by national & international floral designers. By mixing them with fresh flowers to create perfect masterpieces florists have come to realise that they not only enhance the floral arrangement but create the sense of a 2 in1 gift. So the recipients are able to retain the artificial botanicals after the fresh have past their best.

Every feature of each petal on a fresh flower, including touch, colour & characteristics, can be emulated in its artificial form.   Both design and technology have allowed a positive reputation of artificial and silk flowers to grow.There aren’t any fresh botanicals that cannot be replicated as a artificial equivalent.

With the current economic climate businesses and consumers alike are becoming more conscious of their purchasing habits, therefore Artificial Flowers are becoming a much more attractive buy given that the flowers will last forever.  Business offices and showrooms are opting for artificial plants, trees & flower arrangements as an alternative to the costly maintenance and replenishment of fresh flower and plants.Thousands of businesses are able to maintain their welcoming and professional appearances without comprimise because of the quality and realism of the artificial products available today.

There are a multitude of flowers and colours available to you; so whether you’re co-ordinating a wedding or simply looking to compliment your interior, there are colours and designs to suit every taste and purpose.

The use of Artificial Flowers extends across so many different areas, including your home, offices, hotels, restaurants, wedding venues, interior designers, corporate display, event management, churches, shops, garden centres, hair & beauty salons, car showrooms & furniture retailers.  As artificial flowers are so versatile, they are used by florists & flower arrangers, but also by homeowners, hobbyists & craftsmen alike.They are used to enhance your living space, wedding accessories, favours, cakes, hats, fascinators, bags, art-boards, table centre pieces and so much more.