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Top Panic Attack Symptom Tips!

Panic attack symptoms may vary from person to person but they are all marked by an intense feeling of fear, most of the time with no apparent cause. It is hard to imagine what a sufferer of panic attacks go through.

When they first feel symptoms of panic attack, a lot of people may seek medical help since they’re scared that they’re either having a nervous breakdown or a heart attack.

Panic attack symptoms will normally last an average of about ten minutes but they are the worst 10 minutes of a person’s life. Below are some of the most common feelings and bodily reactions to panic attacks.

• Pounding heart
• Palpitations
• Sweating
• Queasiness
• Trembling
• Trembling
• Feeling of choking
• Pain of chest
• Fear of dying
• Numbness or tingling sensation in the extremities

The most disturbing thing on the symptoms of panic attack is that they occur most often at random and without warning. Physiologically, what happens in the body is the relief of hormones such as adrenaline, or epinephrine that is the primordial response of the body to mortal danger. You might recognize that the response better as flight or fight.

The Progress

If you have had panic attacks symptoms, it is very important that you seek medical attention. Left untreated panic attacks can increase or cause a person to begin avoiding every day activity out of fear. This can lead to more severe anxiety problems such as phobias of leaving the house.


While it is not certain what causes panic attacks symptoms in any case, there are certain elements that indicate that there are triggers.

• Genetics – There are several facts to indicate that panic disorder run in families. Certainly, there are factors of environmental as well, including excessively conservative approach to the world that might play a role in symptoms of panic attack in the family.

• Short term – Losing a loved one or close friend may frequently cause anxiety as someone deals with grief.

• Negative Talk- A person who constantly dwells on “what if” situations or conducts negative self-talk could experience panic attack symptoms.

• Drugs, alcohol- Certain drugs and even alcohol abuse can trigger panic or anxiety disorders.

There are many more triggers or causes of panic attack symptoms to consider. You should talk with your family physician or psychiatrist to determine what your particular triggers are.