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A Married Couple Worries About Their Hazardous and Excessive Drinking and Deliberates Whether They Exhibit Any Signs of Alcoholism

Jerry and Sarah have been married for three years. They wanted to have some excitement and fun before they decided to have children and so they intentionally developed an especially vibrant social life.

The key problem, it needs to be highlighted, is that very nearly everything they do socially somehow includes drinking. For instance, all of the sporting events, dinner engagements, family get-togethers, happy hours, and parties with friends they spend time at somehow include drinking.

Jerry and Sarah Begin to Become Aware of Some Clear-Cut Alcohol Related Difficulties That are Centered On Their Hazardous Drinking

If they were moderate drinkers, this wouldn’t be such a major issue. Given the fact that they drink in an irresponsible manner, nevertheless, they are beginning to perceive some definite alcohol-related difficulties in their lives.

For instance, just three days ago Jerry was placed under arrest for a third DUI and has been showing up late for work due to alcohol-related health issues. In addition, Jerry’s last two or three performance assessments at work have been less than commendable and he has begun to fail to recall what he says or does when he drinks. Finally, Jerry has been having sleep-related problems and his family has begun to get anxious about his drinking activities.

Similar to Jerry’s circumstances, Sarah has been feeling depressed about things in her life and to deal with this, she has been drinking more habitually than any time in the past two years. Furthermore, Sarah has been experiencing more than a few migraine headaches and suffering from very bad hangovers because of her drinking. Lastly, Sarah has been feeling significantly less active when she awakens, she has been getting to work late almost every Monday, and she has been receiving some unhelpful criticism from her family members, relatives, friends, and coworkers about her abusive drinking.

Watching the TV and Inadvertently Finding A Documentary About the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

One Monday evening while watching the television, Jerry and Sarah flipped through the channels and found a captivating documentary about the signs of alcoholism.

This TV program was a real source of discovery to Sarah and Jerry because several of the alcoholism signs that were discussed looked as if they were unshakably correlated with several of the alcohol-related drinking problems Jerry and Sarah had been suffering through.

An Open Chat About Drinking Situations Exposes Alcohol Related Financial, Relationship, Legal, Employment, and Health Problems

After watching the TV program, Jerry and Sarah made up their minds to have a frank dialogue about their drinking circumstances. They both were in agreement that most, if not all, of their social activities were associated with drinking, that they were drinking abusively, and that as a married couple, they were beginning to see alcohol related financial, employment, legal, health, and relationship problems for the first time in their lives.

With thoughts of the TV documentary still imprinted in her mind, Sarah asked Jerry if some of the alcoholism signs they have been exhibiting could be a warning that they are dependent on alcohol or perhaps becoming addicted to alcohol. Jerry didn’t know the answer to Sarah’s question and so he suggested that they schedule an appointment with one of the healthcare professionals at the nearby drug and alcohol abuse rehab clinic to find out more about the gravity of their drinking situation.

Handling Your Drinking Issues Just May Lessen Your Sense of Dread and Give You Some Quietude

Ironically, although their drinking behavior hadn’t yet changed, it was evident that Sarah and Jerry were at the very least concentrating on their drinking issues, they were enthusiastic about finding out more about their drinking situation, and they were interested in finding out how they could appreciably lessen or get rid of the drinking-related difficulties that had started to get worse.

When Jerry and Sarah went to bed that evening, they decided that the next day, Jerry would call and make an appointment for both of them at the drug and alcohol abuse treatment clinic located just West of the State Capital. After they promised one another that they would do whatever it takes to triumph over the alcohol-related difficulties that had developed in their lives, they actually had the most revitalizing night’s sleep they could think of in the last five months.

Just before she fell asleep, Sarah turned to Jerry and pointed out how effortless it is to decrease one’s fear and in point of fact experience some serenity by tackling one’s problems straight on and making up one’s mind to do something productive about them.

A Television Program About Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms Results in Some Uneasy and Depressing Feelings About a Young Woman’s Abusive and Excessive Drinking

Daniel had been engaging in hazardous drinking behavior since her sophomore year in college. Now, nine years later, she drank more than ever. One Wednesday evening when she was feeling a bit run down, Daniel decided to stay home, chill out, and watch television.

While trying to find a program to watch that would grab hold of her attention, she instantaneously got involved in a program about adolescent and young adult drinking stumbling blocks.

When Familiar Alcoholism Symptoms and Signs are Manifested by Alcohol Addicted People

The narrator articulated the difference between alcohol dependency and alcohol abuse and then discussed the topic of alcohol dependency symptoms and alcoholism warning signs. When the spokesperson discussed a person’s alcoholic behavior and some of the more widespread alcohol dependency symptoms and signs that alcohol addicted individuals reveal, Daniel got quite alarmed because it basically seemed as if the commenter was talking explicitly to her.

After watching the TV program, Daniel made a promise to herself that she would call her health care provider the next workday and make an appointment to discuss her drinking behavior.

When the next workday arrived, true to her word, Daniel called her doctor and made an appointment. While she was waiting for the day of her appointment to arrive, she went online and did a search for alcoholic symptoms. Especially noteworthy were the following symptoms or signs: sneaking extra drinks before social activities, increasing tension, major employment and relationship problems, making excuses to drink at virtually every chance, and sleep issues.

Simply put, due to the fact that Daniel experienced all of these symptoms she went into greater detail in her online search and found numerous websites and blogs that highlighted different alcoholism symptoms and warning signs.

One of the signs that really took hold of her attention was the following: “Do you commonly drink after promising yourself that you won’t?” While Daniel never accepted the fact that she may have a significant drinking problem, after reading about the various alcoholic symptoms and warning signs, she couldn’t deny the fact that for the past ten or eleven months, she again and again tried but was unsuccessful at significantly diminishing her drinking or totally quitting.

When Neighbors and Family Members Exasperate You by Frowning Upon Your Irresponsible Drinking

Another alcoholic sign that captured her attention was the following: “Have people at work upset you by frowning upon your drinking?” When Daniel read this she without delay reflected on a recent quarrel she had with her best friend about her hazardous drinking. What is more, Daniel without a doubt remembered a recent disagreement she had with her parents about her hazardous drinking. Due to the fact that Daniel honestly thought that she didn’t have a drinking issue, when others discussed her drinking behavior she logically got aggravated and annoyed.

A third alcoholism warning sign was the following: “Do you desire a drink when you first get up in the morning?” Until now, Daniel had been untruthful with herself about her drinking situation. After reading about the aforementioned alcoholism warning signs, conversely, she knew if she was really forthright with herself that she was facing a critical drinking problem, especially given the fact that she now felt that she needed a drink the first thing when she woke up to lessen her stress.

What is more, the next alcoholic warning sign really got her thinking about her drinking: “Do you drink to steer clear of problems or pain?” When she reflected on her life for a few minutes, she understood that nearly in every tough situation in the past six or seven months, she told herself that she needed a drink to help deal with the discord in her life.

The final alcohol addiction warning sign that made her feel relatively on edge about her drinking behavior was the following: “Has your enthusiasm for life diminished since you started drinking more habitually?” When Daniel read this sign she plainly comprehended that drinking had become a serious problem in her life because of her lack of energy and also because she stopped pursuing her dreams and her passions.

Conclusion: When Misery Turns Into Something Thrilling and A Sense of Anticipation

After reflecting on all of these hurtful alcoholism symptoms and signs, Daniel at first felt depressed. Then something amazing took place. She realized that she was going to see her doctor about her drinking and she also knew that she would talk about all of the above alcohol addiction warning signs and symptoms with her. To be sure, for the first time in numerous months, Daniel truthfully felt a sense of hope because she was dealing with her drinking problems and was finally ready to make the necessary adjustments so that she could reclaim the life that was sliding away.