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Alcohol detox… what makes a good therapist?

Alcoholism detox is the absolute cessation of alcohol consumption and the withdrawal effects thereafter. To level of abuse prior to undertaking Alcoholic detox will determine the symptoms and withdrawal effects of alcohol detox. These can sometimes be very traumatic. Alcohol rehabilitation is probably more important than the alcohol detox itself because it seeks to address the underlying issues which have caused the addiction the first place. The alcohol detox therapist will take part in all of these processes. Some of these therapists will actually achieve better results than some of the other therapists. A better understanding for the patient and his problems is one of the areas where good therapist’s thrive. They will also have the traits of empathy and support. Another sign of a good therapist is to be able to keep the patient focused on his or her goals, this is essential in the long-term treatment. Also in being able to use outside agencies to benefit the patient.

Unfortunately, because money is tight and therapists are in short supply, often we have to take the good with the bad. The signs of a bad Alcohol detox therapist are those that want to be very controlling and intrusive into the patient’s lives. They have also been accused of being accusatory towards the patiens and of not listening to the patient’s wants and needs. These bad therapists will often be psychologically distant, will skirt around any issues that they find difficulty in, and will be mostly only interested in themselves.

The job of the therapist is not an easy one. As a matter-of-fact sometimes there is great difficulty for the therapist in dealing with unruly patients or those who turn up for alcoholic sessions actually intoxicated. There is also the risk that some of these patients might not turn up to sessions at all. Unfortunately some alcoholics and substance abusers will go through the lives with the constant threat of crisis looming over them. Much of the time these people are involved in either crime or the justice system in some way. To actually stand up and admit that they have a problem is going to be very difficult for an alcoholic. In all of these cases the best help and cooperation of the alcohol therapist should be expected. Most governments these days are not interested in saving money long-term, they only want to make the books look good today. This is why most of them are failing in their moral duties towards these types of conditions