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Grow Potatoes Anywhere

Potatoes can be grown anywhere you have a space to do it – gardens, balconies, driveways or garages. All you need to get started is some seed potatoes and a little creative thinking to enjoy the taste of your own, home-grown crops.

Planter Bags

Planting your crop in a planter bag allows you to roll up the sides as and when required. There are a few advantages of planter bags over growing in pots or other types of container, as you would need to hill the plants as they grow. This can be done simply by placing a 2 foot tall wire mesh around the inside of the container as the plant grows and covering the plant with straw or compost.

People that don’t have access to planter bags can use bin bags, tyres, raised beds or simply the soil in your garden.

Once you’ve got hold of a suitable container, you should make sure there are enough drainage holes or slits cut in the bag’s base or lower sides to prevent your seed from rotting.

You should always grow from certified seed potatoes, such as those bought from a garden centre, as general-sale, shop bought potatoes tend to be more likely to contain disease or pest spores.

Chitting (aka Sprouting)

Cut your seed potatoes so that there are around 3 eyes on each part.. Once the cutting is done, you will want them to sit for about a day to form a dry covering, egg boxes are ideal for this.

Once done, you next need to fill your container with compost (aka potting medium) mixed with some fertilizer, and pre soak the media so that it is moist. When ready, place the potatoes that you have cut in the container with the eyes facing up. In the average container,with a diameter of about twenty inches, put three pieces spaced apart evenly, cover them with about 2 – 3 inches of compost, and water until it is moist. To save time, you can pre soak the compost before you plant, and have it ready for covering the potatoes at planting time.

Caring for your plants is fairly easy. Place them in an area that receives loads of direct sunshine and is sheltered from the worst of any winds. Check the moisture content of the earth, and water daily if needed. Bag grown potatoes can dry quicker than soil in a traditional garden, so they may need watering on a daily basis.

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