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1909 Five Dollar Gold Coin

Turban Head $5 Half Eagle Gold Coin (1795-1807)

Turban Head Half Eagles are 5 dollar gold coins produced by the United States Mint from 1795 to 1807.

Like their Quarter Eagle Counterpart, they characteristic Liberty carrying a turban-like cap. In addition they share with the Quarter Eagle the truth that many were melted down for his or her gold content.

There are a number of rare varieties in this coin collection, however the major varieties are:

Capped Bust proper small eagle – 1795-1798

Capped Bust right heraldic eagle – 1795-1807

These 5 dollar gold coins are expensive attributable to their rarity, nevertheless it’s attainable to put together a date set when you have a price range that can permit it.

A collection together with all main die verities, nonetheless, could be close to inconceivable due to the extremely rare (only 7 are recognized to exist) 1798 plain eagle reverse.

Capped Bust $5 Half Eagle Gold Coin (1807-1834)

Although the Capped Bust Half Eagle is a relatively quick series of 5 dollar gold coins, this collection does accommodates a number of the most uncommon and worthwhile U.S. gold coin types.

However, nice examples of the extra common dates can be found at fairly cheap costs, considering that they are gold coins.

There are three major sorts of Capped Bust Half Eagles are:

Capped Bust left – 1807-1812

Capped Head left massive size – 1813-1829

Capped Head left small size – 1829-1834

Classic Head $5 Half Eagle Gold Coin (1834-1838)

The Traditional Head Half Eagle 5 dollar gold coin shares the identical design as the Basic Head Quarter Eagle depicting Liberty with a ribbon in her curly hair.

These 5 greenback gold cash were minted in greater numbers, however, making them more affordable to collectors than their $2.50 counterpart.

It is feasible for [interested] collectors to put collectively a complete set of the Basic Head Half Eagle series.

The 1938 coins from the Charlotte and Dahlonega mints are the most scarce of this sequence, but they’re nonetheless inexpensive, contemplating that they’re gold coins.

Liberty Head $5 Half Eagle Gold Coin (1839-1908)

The Liberty Head Half Eagle, typically known as the $5 Coronet Head, have been produced by the U.S. Mint from 1839 to 1908.

They are one of many longest operating coin sequence and the only denomination that was produced at all seven United States department mints.

These 5 dollar gold coins noticed little change in their 69 years of production.

In 1840 Liberty’s head was barely modified and the diameter of the coin was decreased to 21.6 mm.

Then in 1866 the motto IN GOD WE TRUST was added to the reverse.

The Liberty Head Half Eagle was widely utilized by the American public at a time when $5 was typically the quantity of a weeks wages.

There are [two] basic types of Liberty Head Half Eagle:

Variety 1 – No Motto Above Eagle (1839-1866)

Variety 2 – Motto Above Eagle (1866-1908)

These coins are extraordinarily uncommon within the higher conditions.

Indian Head $5 Half Eagle Gold Coin (1908-1929)

The Indian Head Half Eagle, just like the Indian Head Quarter Eagle, has an incuse design. These are the one [two] U.S. Coins with an incuse design.

The time period incuse, for a coin design, signifies that instead of the design of the coin being raised above the surface as with other cash, it is really stamped into the steel of the coin.

Indian Head 5 dollar gold cash are all reasonably priced for gold coins, except for the 1929 which is scarce.

You could in all probability find one and not using a complete lot of trouble, however anticipate to pay several thousand [dollars] for it.

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