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What you don’t know about Gerard Butler’s workout for 300

No movie-with possible exception of fight club-has ever raised so much hype about the physique of the star actor like Gerard Butler in 300.

Following the movie everyone wanted to know how the complete cast got so ripped for the role of a Greek army.

But there is something often missed by the casual reader of men’s magazines.

The popular 300 workout was indeed included as well as served as a test for gauging the movies casts progress during training, but it was no means the only workout they did.

This should be a lesson to all readers of men’s and fitness magazines and websites, there is no one way to workout to achieve any single fitness goal. While the published Gerard butler workout for 300 is awesome its not meant to be a stand alone workout program.

You may feel a bit deflated by that statement but not to worry, I can offer some insight into the kind of complete workout program it would take to build a Gerard Butler 300 body. Your going to need some bodybuilding type muscle building  along with the crazy gym Jones weight circuits like th 300 workout and the professional guidance form a nutritionist to make sure you can get those razor sharp cuts in your abs.

  Now not to worry because in the next instalment of this series we will be covering a complete approach to achieving the 300 physique plus the sneaky extra training Gerard Butler did with an extra trainer to achieve the body of warrior king Leonidas!