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$5 Dollar Gold Coin

A Invaluable Coin

The American Buffalo Gold Coin is a pure gold bullion coin additionally known as the gold buffalo coin. Though this gold coin relies on the well-known Indian Head nickel with the American Bison on the back side of the coin, this daring American Buffalo Gold Coin was first put up on the market in 2006, making it the first coin to ever be minted for public utilizing pure 24-karat gold. When the coin first came out in 2006, the proof coin was valued at $800. Right now the gold buffalo has a face worth of $50. The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 was liable for the manufacturing of this coin by requiring a coin be made with a face worth of $50 and content material of one ounce of 24-karat gold. There were only 300,000 gold buffalo cash minted, making them an actual collector’s treasure.

Design of the American Buffalo Gold Coin

The American Buffalo Gold Coin obtained its design from the unique Indian Head nickel, which was designed by James Earl Fraser in 1913. The one changes made to the unique nickel had been to scale back a number of the mound of filth that is beneath the buffalo’s feet on the reverse side of the coin. The design of the Indian Head nickel is taken into account as among the best designs to ever be used on any U.S. coins.

The front of the coin has a Native American going through right with a feather in his head. The word LIBERTY is on the higher right of the coin and the date is on the decrease left nearly resting on his shoulder. Fraser had three completely different males- Chief Massive Tree, Chief Iron Tail and Chief [Two] Moons- pose for him while the coin was designed. Fraser took a number of the features of all three for the design. The reverse facet of the coin has an American Bison.

Legion has it that the Bison was from the Central Park Zoo in New York City and was named Black Diamond. One other story involving the Bison was that Fraser had to have somebody distract the animal so he may draw the design in the position he was making an attempt to attain rather than having the bison gazing him. It was the extreme reputation and worth of the unique Indian Head nickel that made utilizing it for the American Buffalo Gold Coin such a terrific idea.

Differences between the Nickel and the Fifty Dollar Piece

The similarities between the Indian Head nickel and the American Buffalo Gold Coin have helped to make this fifty dollar piece much more popular. However, there are some differences within the [two] designs. The nickel has the words FIVE CENTS on the bottom of the reverse facet whereas the fifty dollar piece reads $50 1 OZ. .9999 FINE GOLD. The well-known phrases which have been on gold cash since 1908, IN GOD WE TRUST, are on the reverse of the gold coin beneath and to the left of the buffalo’s head.

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