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Miele The Kitchen Appliance Leader

A manufacturer of appliances in Gutersloh, Germany, Miele has always kept the family business in the family. Miele has tried to separate itself by providing quality kitchen appliances which are innovative and also extremely durable. The brand includes, many household appliances used daily by the customers likeĀ Miele washing machines. This does mainly focus on washing machine however Miele dishwashers are also a big market for the company.

Miele has a large selection of kitchen appliances including steamers, microwaves, vacuums and fridges plus many more. All the appliance have one thing in common that they are quality products meaning they do last, they are more expensive however these products are going to last you a long time. All Miele kitchen appliances are designed to last for at least twenty years and are subjected to rigorous endurance testing as the product is being developed and before is coming out of the factory. This kind of dedications is one the main reasons Miele has such a strong brand name for quality.

The other side of Miele is its commercial equipment, this also spans over a number of different products. When it comes to Miele commercial equipment they lead the way with their washing machine design compared to others in the same field.

What makes the Miele Washing Machine superior to the other washing machine brands available in market is the use of patented technology called as honeycomb drum which is fitted inside the machine so as to give your clothes a laundry touch or care.

Granted Miele Washing Machines are a little expensive compared to other brands but they provide best deal with their product policy which includes 10 years of warranty. On top of the 10 year warranty Miele offers a lifetime guarantee again corrosion and yellowing, this is quite impressive and show how confident they are that there products will last.