Generals demand Putin launches all out war on Ukraine as ‘payback’ for losses

VLADIMIR Putin’s furious army chiefs have urged him to launch an all-out war on Ukraine as “payback” over the shambolic invasion, officials have warned.

Russia had expected it could march across Ukraine without much of a fight when troops invaded for a “special operation” in February – but they have faced a valiant resistance and weeks of fighting.


Russian President Vladimir PutinCredit: AFP


A Ukrainian serviceman walks next to a destroyed Russian tank in Rusaniv, near KyivCredit: EPA


Russian military cadets rehearse for the Victory Day parade in St. Petersburg, RussiaCredit: EPA

Putin’s army chiefs have become increasingly frustrated with the scaled-down offensive in eastern Ukraine and his handling of the deadly war – with a vicious “blame game” exploding in Moscow.

Military bosses have now urged Putin to drop the term “special operation” used for the invasion and instead declare war on Ukraine – which would enable the mass mobilisation of Russian troops.

An all-out war would allow Moscow to draft in more conscripts, impose martial law and also bid for support from its international allies – such as Belarus.

A source close to Russian military chiefs told The Telegraph: “The military are outraged that the blitz on Kyiv failed.

“People in the army are seeking payback for failures of the past, and they want to go further in Ukraine.”

The UK’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned Putin could use Russia’s victory day parade on May 9 to announce the mobilisation of his reserves for a final push in Ukraine. 

He told…

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