Training your workforce on cyber security in 2022

Training your workforce on cyber security in 2022

Adopting structured cyber security strategies needs to be a priority for businesses as we enter 2022. The increasing frequency and complexity of cyber attacks exposes companies to financially impeding and brand-damaging repercussions, with new tools and tactics evolving frequently. 

Today we are going to discuss prevalent cyber security issues of 2021, the importance of training your workforce, and how to mitigate risk and stay secure in 2022.

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Cyber security in 2021 

2021 has presented some recurring themes and threats. As the landscape continues to evolve, let’s consider some of the notable metrics from the previous year.

According to Security Navigator, small businesses reported 17% of cyber attacks, citing malware as the highest recurrence. Medium-sized companies experienced 30% of attacks, primarily facing network and application anomalies. Unsurprisingly, large businesses faced the highest proportion of attacks,…

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