How To Build a Career in Real Estate Development

How To Build a Career in Real Estate Development

Those who succeed in real estate do so through a great deal of hard work.

What Do They Do? 

Real estate developers like Roger OSteen Jacksonville professional choose a property and draw up plans for its long-term use. They often buy the property themselves or secure financing to do so. These projects could include residential neighborhoods, commercial properties or large-scale government ventures.

What Kinds of Careers Are Available?

Many developers have a niche. Some work independently to purchase property and build low-cost housing or apartment complexes. Others become financial analysts for large investment firms or advise city planners. You could eventually run your own development group like Founder Roger O’Steen Jacksonville. Administering real estate loans for a bank is another possible career path.

What Education Do You Need?

Developers do not necessarily need to have any specific degree. Many have special training in business and/or have obtained…

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