Building Strong Intergenerational Communication In The Workplace

Building Strong Intergenerational Communication In The Workplace

Good communication is crucial to the success of any business. One of the communication challenges that many businesses face today is an intergenerational workforce. People are working longer and retiring later in life, which means that today’s labor force is more generationally diverse than ever. 

Each of these generations brings valuable abilities, skills, and talents to your business but they also have very different communication styles. These differences in communication and culture can be a challenge among you and your employees, creating potential conflict and disharmony. By understanding the core values of each generation and what’s important to them, you’ll be able to effectively manage communication across generations and work together as one cohesive team.  

Multi-generations and Challenges in the Workplace

There are five distinct generations in today’s workforce, with each era having different attitudes and values. They also each have their own preferred methods of communicating and obtaining information.

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