A Beginner’s Guide to Payment Processing Fees

A Beginner's Guide to Payment Processing Fees

If your company accepts payments, you’re paying payment processing fees right now.


Most company owners ignore these fees, writing them off as just another cost of running a business.

When you start comparing payment processing deals, there’s actually a whole lot of variation in the industry. While the differences between deals might look small — maybe one or two percent — it can add up to thousands of pounds in lost revenue every year.

It might not surprise you but I think business owners ought to be paying more attention to their payment processing deals. However, to do so, you’ve got to understand what a payment processor will actually charge you.

And that’s tricky.

You see, although your supplier will send you one large bill, it isn’t actually one big fee. Instead, it’s lots of little fees and charges, which get bundled together and charged to you in one…

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