Soviet Union should have survived – Russian politician

The USSR, the communist super-state that was once the world’s largest country, could have avoided collapse if a number of flaws had been rectified, one Russian politician has claimed as the 30th anniversary of its demise looms.

Speaking to RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Sergey Baburin, the leader of the nationalist Russian All-People’s Union party said that the union “is a historical form of Russian civilization in the 20th century.”

According to him, the Belovezha Accords, signed three decades ago on December 8 between the leaders of the communist Republics of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus and which led to the hammer and sickle being lowered over Moscow, “destroyed the unity of the peoples of historical Russia.”

What did USSR stand for? 1 in 5 Russians don't know What did USSR stand for? 1 in 5 Russians don't know

Baburin accused “internal and external enemies” of dismantling the USSR. “The Soviet Union could and should have remained… while ensuring the preservation of a single economy, a single trade, humanitarian and other space of transformation,” he claimed.

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