MMA gym fined for ‘egregious breach’ of vaccine mandates

MMA gym fined for ‘egregious breach’ of vaccine mandates

A combat sports gym in New Zealand has been hit with a hefty fine after it was found to have knowingly allowed unvaccinated staff members to work in defiance of the country’s strict Covid certification guidelines.

WorkSafe, which is New Zealand’s health and safety watchdog for the workplace, issued the gym with notice that they were in violation of the recently implemented ‘traffic light’ system which requires a range of business, including gyms, to ensure everyone on site has been vaccinated against Covid-19.

The group found that Oliver MMA, which is run by Steve and Krissy Oliver, had knowingly and deliberated acted in violation of the rules, leading to a fine of $12,000 New Zealand dollars (around $8,100) – the first such financial penalty handed out by WorkSafe amid the country’s anti-Covid measures.

Steve Oliver has since suggested online that this isn’t a one-off financial penalty, but rather a daily fine…

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