Meghan Markle might have ‘information’ for Prince Andrew rape lawsuit

Meghan Markle might have ‘information’ for Prince Andrew rape lawsuit

The Duchess of Sussex is on the list of candidates to depose in the case against Prince Andrew, in which he allegedly sexually abused a 17-year old. Meghan Markle “may very well have important knowledge,” an attorney believes.

Markle, wife of Britain’s Prince Harry, could be chosen by prosecutors to testify in the case against the Duke of York, attorney David Boies said on Wednesday. He is representing Virginia Roberts Giuffre in her civil action against Prince Andrew, claiming the royal sexually abused her when she was a minor.

The accusing side is seeking people “who knew Prince Andrew and were sort of members of his inner circle at various times,” and who might have knowledge relative to the matter, Boies said. 

“Meghan Markle, because of her position in the family, is one of those people,” Boies revealed to Fox News Digital on Wednesday. 

The Duchess of Sussex, who now lives in…

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