Yemen hits ‘sensitive’ Saudi sites, vows more ‘painful’ retaliation

Yemen hits 'sensitive' Saudi sites, vows more 'painful' retaliation

Yemen’s army has warned Saudi Arabia it will respond with strength after the kingdom launched a “large-scale” assault on the impoverished nation.

“We promise the Saudi regime painful operations as long as it continues its aggression and crimes,” said armed forces spokesman Yahya Sare’e on Saturday. 

He said the Yemeni army had struck important and sensitive sites in the Saudi port city of Jizan with modern precision-guided missiles in retaliation.

The retaliatory attack follows intensified Saudi airstrikes against Yemen in the past few days.  

Yemeni officials condemned Saudi airstrikes on hospitals and medical centers in the capital Sana’a as “war crimes”, calling on international organizations to intervene and stop them. 

Spokesman for the Supreme Council for the Administration and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Talat al-Sharjabi said that the Saudi aerial attacks, which deliberately target medical facilities, constitute war crimes and are meant to increase the suffering of the Yemeni nation.”

“As the Saudi-led coalition intensifies…

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