Why doesn’t Iran negotiate with the US?

Why doesn’t Iran negotiate with the US?

The United States’ departure from the 2015 deal has taken away the only reason that used to justify Iran’s negotiation with Washington.

Amid the eighth round of talks between Iran and the P4+1 group of countries, massive psychological operation against the Iranian negotiators is still underway.

One of these cases has seen Western media outlets as well as some media activists inside Iran itself propagate such a lie that the Russian representative in Vienna is negotiating with the US instead of the Islamic Republic.

This propaganda, which relies on misinterpretation of two-way or multilateral meetings between the members of the P4+1 and the American representative, pursues two objectives—an apparent one and a clandestine one—towards reinforcement of the United States’ position in the negotiations.

The apparent objective here is creation of the unrealistic proposition that Russia has assumed representing Iran in the Vienna negotiations and thus navigates the Iranian negotiating team.

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