Vaccination rates below 55% in six EU nations

Vaccination rates below 55% in six EU nations

Jerome Hughes
Press TV, Brussels

EU health ministers meet in Brussels to discuss rising COVID-19 cases and growing pressure on the bloc’s health services. Vaccine hesitancy is being singled out as the driving force behind hospital admissions, deaths and new restrictions.

Figures have just emerged which show that less than 55% of the population in six EU nations have received a COVID-19 vaccine, despite plenty being available. Experts say vaccine hesitancy is the main reason behind rising coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, deaths and the reintroduction of restrictive measures across the 27-country bloc.

EU health ministers have been meeting in Brussels to take stock of the crisis.
Question: “So, is this not a massive failure from the EU? Should the EU not be putting much more of its efforts to try and convince people to take the vaccines?”

Growing pressure on hospitals means that non-COVID patients are being neglected and those without…

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