US, Japan prepare joint military plan for ‘Taiwan emergency’, Kyodo says

US, Japan prepare  joint military plan for 'Taiwan emergency', Kyodo says

US and Japanese military forces have prepared a draft plan for a joint operation for a potential “Taiwan emergency”, a Japanese news agency has reported amid rising tensions between the island territory and China.

According to the scheme, at the initial stage of a perceived emergency, US Marine Corps forces would set up temporary bases and deploy troops on Japan’s Nansei island chain stretching from Kyushu to Chinese Taipei, Kyodo news agency reported, citing unidentified Japanese government sources.

The role of the Japanese armed forces would be to furnish logistical support in areas such as ammunition and fuel supplies to their American counterparts, it added.

 According to the report, the US would likely reach a deal with Japan – a former colonial ruler of Chinese Taipei – to begin formulating an official plan at a “2+2” meeting of foreign and defense ministers early in the upcoming year.

Military officials in Washington…

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