UAE’s Western-style weekend switch rattles Emiratis

UAE’s Western-style weekend switch rattles Emiratis

The recent move by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to switch traditional working days at the end of the week to Western-style weekends has been met with criticism from Emirati social media users, activists and employees.

The controversial measure was highly frowned upon on Friday as the UAE’s officials had earlier announced that the Persian Gulf country would formally switch to a Saturday-Sunday weekend in the New Year.

The Western-style working week in the UAE will run from Monday to Friday. Government bodies and schools will operate four and a half-days a week, closing at 12 noon on Fridays for prayers.

Following the implementation of the move, Emirati workers and employees were left feeling a little mistreated upon realizing they would have to set their alarms for an early start on Friday.

The new arrangement was a major talking point on social media, with one Twitter user complaining, “It just feels so…

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