Two experts warn US: ‘Sanctions don’t work on Russia’

Two experts warn US: ‘Sanctions don’t work on Russia’

Two international experts have warned the United States that imposing sanctions on Russia may not be helpful to force Moscow to agree with American terms and conditions over Ukraine.

“Sanctions don’t work on Russia,” Tony Brenton, a former British ambassador to Russia, said on Tuesday. “Russia just becomes even more obdurate.”

In response, he added, the West also gets more stubborn. “And you’re that little bit closer to a really, very dangerous security confrontation,” he told CNBC News.

Meanwhile, Angela Stent, director emerita of Georgetown University’s Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, told CNBC News that the threat of sanctions has never worked against Russia.

She said that the proposed punitive measures are “pretty comprehensive,” which would affect technology exports and banks’ access to the international financial system, but warned that may not put Russia off.

“Those have all been explicitly now talked about in the US,” she…

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